Mission 4

  • Buy a gun

1. Click the city link on the left hand menu.

Click here to go to the city. [1]

2. Locate the East Side on the right hand side of your screen in the city.

3. Click on Big Al's Gun shop.

4. Choose a gun from the list shown to you.

5. Click "Buy" located to the side of the weapon you have chosen.

6. Click "Yes" on the next screen.

7. Great Job! You have completed the task.

  • Equip your gun

1. Click "Items" located on the left hand menu. Click here to view your items directly. [2]

2. Locate the gun you've just purchased..

3. Click [equip] next to the gun.

4. Click "back" so you remain on the items page.

5. Great Job! You have completed this task.

  • Buy ammo

1. On the items page you will see "Ammo Locker" directly above where you just equipped your gun. Click here to visit your ammo locker directly.[3]

2. Click on "Clips" located next to the gun you purchased.

3. "Buy some clips for this gun" is located at the top of the page. Click this.

4. On the next page it gives you the option to purchase the ammo. Type the amount of clips you wish to buy in the box located next to "Buy Clips".

5. Click on "Buy clips"

6. Click "Back" once you have completed this.

7. Important You will see the clips of ammo you purchased now on this page. You must click "Load" so the gun is loaded.

6. Great Job! You have completed this task.

  • Search for a player named Reaper1

Note: The player name you receive may be different than the one listed here. Please pay attention to what name the mission tells you to search for.

1. Click "Search" on the left hand menu. Click here for the search screen. [4]

2. Type 'Reaper1 in the "Name Search" box.

3. Click Search name

4. Click on the name Reaper1. It will open the player's profile.

5. Do not close this page. You will use it for your next task.

6. Great Job! You have completed the task.

  • Attack and beat Reaper1

Note: You need to attack the player given to you by your mission. The names are generated randomly and yours may be different than what is listed here.

1. While on Reaper1's profile, view the icons to the right.

2. Click the [Attack] link located to the right side of the profile. This will open the attack.

3. You will see 2 fist your melee weapon, and your gun located at the bottom of the attack.

4. Click your gun.

5. Continue to click on your gun. Until you see you have zeroed his life.

6. You will see 3 options once you have done this, Leave them, Mug them, and Hospitalize.

7. Click "Leave them".

8. Great Job! You have completed this task.

Mission 4 completed! Getting into the rhythm now? Great! Let's move on to Mission 5. Explore the city I