Note: a lot of this has changed when Territories released, so it might be worth going through!

Starting A Faction

Factions are one of the most popular activities in Torn city. They cost $1,000 x number of factions currently in the game, although they can be bought for discount in the faction buying and selling thread in the forums. A brand new faction will have 250 respect and be based in a shed, giving a maximum member space of 5 members.

A faction's success may be measured by its total current respect, and the upgrades that it has. To see the best factions in the game, go to the Hall of Fame in the newspapers.


Respect is what most factions will fight and die for. It can be used to show the Torn community how good your faction is, it can be used as bragging rights, or it can be used for upgrading faction specials, which will be discussed below. Respect is gained and lost in many ways.

  • Warring and chaining against an opposing faction. Attack and hospitalise the other factions members to gain respect. Attacking quickly after a prior attack is known as chaining and is the most efficient way of gaining respect. When your members are hospitalised you will lose respect.
  • You can also accumulate respect, on a daily basis, by owning Territories blocks.
  • Most factions will run 'Organised Crimes' for the purpose of gaining respect, as well as some money in the process. They range in difficulty and members required, and are discussed in more detail below.
  • Factions will lose 1 respect per day. This is to help remove low-respect, inactive factions from the game.
  • When a faction is hit by a Dirty Bomb it will lose a large amount of respect, amongst other effects.
  • The firework stand company has a special that will allow a user to spend job points to reduce the respect of an enemy faction. An event will appear in the faction news logs if this happens.
  • The Television Station company special 'Propaganda' allows an employee to spend job points on gaining respect for the faction they are in. The faction news log will also have a record of this.

Faction Warfare (Chaining)

Factions war each other for respect, rank or dominance. Leaders and co-leaders can declare on any faction via the opposing faction info page. When in a war you will be able to view your faction warbase via the main faction page, compromising of information about enemy factions, members and the progress in the war. Ranked wars are those where a lower ranked faction declares war on a higher ranked one to take their rank (Contesting For/Defending Rank XX). The defending faction must be no further away than 25 ranks above the attacker. You will gain 50% more respect per hit on a ranked war than a non-ranked war. If the defending faction eventually wins the war, nothing happens in regards to ranks. If the attacker wins they will take the defending factions rank and the loser will drop rank by 1. To win a war you must gain an amount of respect equal to a 1/3 the respect of the faction with the lowest respect in the war. Where both factions are at 10,000 respect or over, the maximum respect to be gained is capped at 2500.

For example:

Faction A Respect Faction B Respect Respect to Win
2000 1500 500
5000 6000 1500
10000 25000 2500
40000 30000 2500

Note that the respect to win is on top of any respect your opponent gains whilst fighting back. If they gain 100 respect from attacking you, you will need to reach 100 respect higher than you would have. For example 2600 respect gained rather than 2500 for two large factions. A green and red bar will indicate who is winning and how close they are to claiming victory. Hovering over this will give you the percentage control each side has in the war. You are aiming to control 100%, allowing you to claim victory over your foe.

Claiming victory can be done by the leader or co-leader. A bonus hit can be used to take you over 100%, however another normal hit will be needed to trigger the ability to claim. This is what will allow you to improve your rank. Claiming victory will also give a respect bonus dependent on how much your opponent fights back. This can range from tens of respect, to tens of thousands!

To gain respect against another faction you must attack and hospitalise their members (attacking and mugging have no effect). Chaining is the main way that factions will war others.


Chaining is the act of making a hit within a set time frame of a prior attack. This time is five minutes by default, however can be increased by the faction chaining upgrades. The first attack does not trigger the chain itself, so the chain bar (in the sidebar - under nerve) will appear on the second attack as '1/100'. You may attack as quickly or as slowly as you wish, as long as the attacks are not spaced further than 5 minutes apart (or as long as your particular faction allows). Chain Bonuses: There are bonuses when the chain reaches 10, 25, 50, 75 and 100. These will gain the member who does the 10th attack 10 respect towards their personal stats as well as 10 extra respect for the faction. This bonus is in addition to the respect gained from attacking anyway. The 25th attack gains 25 respect and so on. Bonus hits are used to win wars by hitting the bonus on an aggressively contesting faction as they count towards the war control percentage. This is why you might see a faction with few attacks made, but lots of respect gained in that particular war. There are honour bars available for the member hitting each bonus. Retaliation Bonuses: These are gained by attacking an enemy who has hospitalised one of your members within the past 10 minutes. It will display in the faction attack news as Chedburn hospitalised -Clansdancer (Retaliation Bonus). This gives approximately a bonus of 50% extra respect on top of the regular respect gained. If the defender is revives or uses medical items to get out of hospital they can be hit for another retaliation bonus as long as it is still within the 10 minute time frame.

The respect gained from any particular hit against a faction depends on a number of factors including level, stats and length of the chain.

Destructive Warring

Note: Coming soon!

Ranked Warring

Note: Coming soon!

Faction Warfare (territories)

This is a little bit different to chaining as we know it. Here your faction leader or co-leader can claim up to 30 territories, if you have atleast 10 members, from a large amount found on the city map, each territory gives you a certain amount of daily respect.

You can find a more detailed description of territories here.

Upgrades Panel

The Upgrades panel is the nuts and bolts of faction management. It is split into two sections, the core branch and the special upgrades branch.

  • An upgrade from a core branch cannot be undone, so be careful when selecting these. This includes member capacity, armoury upgrades, dirty bomb lab, territory upgrades and chaining upgrades.
  • The Second branch is where you can select your specials, you can choose up to 6 trees from a list of 8 trees. These can be unset as you see fit for the current situation, although it does take 100 hours to unset them!

Give To User

Allows the faction leader, co-leader or anyone who has been given access to give money or points to members who have been in the faction for 4 days or more. Anyone who has not been in the faction for the required number of days will not show up on the drop down list of members.

Pay Day

Allows the leader or co-leader to send money to multiple faction members at the same time. Members under 4 days old will still receive these payments.


Permissions AM Armoury Medical Use Allows members to use medical items directly from the armoury.
AB Armoury Booster Use Allows members to use boosters, energy drinks, alcohol and candy directly from the armoury.
AD Armoury Drug Use Allows members to use drug items directly from the armoury.
AR Armoury Refill Use Allows members to refill their points directly from the armoury.
AL Armoury Loaning Allows members to retrieve and loan weapons to themselves and other faction members.
SN Send Newsletter Allows members to send newsletters.
CA Change Announcement Allows members to change the faction announcement.
AP Application Management Allows members to accept or decline faction applications.
FO Forum Management Allows members to delete faction posts and make stickies.
OC Organised Crime Management Allows members to plan and initiate the factions organised crimes.
FM Full Ordnance Management Gives the member full access to the factions money and armoury.



Structure Holds Cost age
Capacity I 10 Members 1000 respect N/A
Capacity II 15 Members 1,412 respect N/A
Capacity III 20 Members 2,173 respect Achieve a faction age of 10 days
Capacity IV 25 Members 3,067 respect Achieve a faction age of 20 days
Capacity V 30 Members 4,719 respect Achieve a faction age of 30 days
Capacity VI 40 Members 6,662 respect Achieve a faction age of 40 days
Capacity VII 50 Members 10,251 respect Achieve a faction age of 50 days
Capacity VIII 65 Members 15,773 respect Achieve a faction age of 75 days
Capacity IX 80 Members 22,265 respect Achieve a faction age of 100 days
Capacity X 100 Members 34,258 respect Achieve a faction age of 150 days


Upgrade Cost Challenges
Weapon Armoury 1,000 respect
Armour Armoury 1,412 respect
Temporary Armoury 3,067 respect
Medical Armoury 3,067 respect
Drug Armoury 6,662 respect
Booster Armoury 6,662 respect
Point Storage 15,773 respect
Laboratory 105,027 respect Acquire 25 faction members


Faction specials are special bonuses that all of your faction members receive. You can assign your respect to these upgrades, be wary though, as unsetting them will last 100 hours, so you can't just change up your specials constantly.

If you are interested in the old upgrades system, you can view those on this page.

This section is directly copied from Everything about the new specials by Harley

You can find more information on all the challenges you need to complete on [ this spreadsheet] by Fin and Franky.


Main tree: Reduce drug addiction up to 50%. (2% per upgrade)

Secondary trees: Decrease overdose chance up to 30%. (3% per upgrade) Reduce passives negatives from drug effects and addiction up to 30%. (3% per upgrade)

Total Cost: 254,884 respect


Main trees: Increase speed gym gains up to 10%. (1% per upgrade) Increase strength gym gains up to 10%. (1% per upgrade) Increase defence gym gains up to 10%. (1% per upgrade) Increase dexterity gym gains up to 10%. (1% per upgrade)

Secondary trees: An extra 5% on speed or strength An extra 5% on defense or dexterity

Tertiary tree: An extra 5% on a stat, dependant on the specialisations you chose previously.

Total Cost: 553,744 Respect (without the hidden ones)


Main trees: Increase speed passively up to 20%. (1% per upgrade) Increase strength passively up to 20%. (1% per upgrade)

Secondary trees:

Increase accuracy up to 10%. (1% per upgrade) Increase outgoing hosp times up to 25%. (2.5% per upgrade) Increase all damage up to 10%. (1% per upgrade)

Total Cost: 563,249 respect


Main tree: Increase travel capacity up to 10. (1 per upgrade)

Secondary trees: Reduce travelling fees up to 75%.(15% per upgrade) Increase hunting income up to 30%. (3% per upgrade) Reduce rehab cost up to 20%. (2% per upgrade) Increase cayman interest with a multiplier up to 25%. (5% per upgrade, this means you can get up to 0.625% interest instead of the base 0.5%)

Total Cost 320,921 respect


Main tree: Reduce all hospital times up to 25%. (1% per upgrade)

Secondary trees: Regenerate up to 4% more life per tick. (0.2% per upgrade) Reduce reviving cost down to 25 energy. ( 5 per upgrade) Add up to 12h of med cooldown. (1h per upgrade)

Tertiary trees: Gain up to 30% extra medical effectiveness. (2% per upgrade)

Total Cost: 526,142 respect


Main tree: Adds up to 24h of booster cooldown. (1h per upgrade)

Secondary trees: Increase nerve gain from alcohol up to 50%. (5% per upgrade) Increase happy gain from candy up to 50%. (5% per upgrade) Increase energy gain from cans up to 50%. (5% per upgrade)

Total Cost: 275,581 respect


Main tree: Provides up to 25% increase in crime skill and exp boost. (1% per upgrade)

Secondary trees: Decreases jail times up to 30%. (2% per upgrade) Increase maximum nerve up to 40 extra nerve. (1 per upgrade)

Tertiary tree: Increase bust skill up to 50%. (5% per upgrade)

quaternary tree: Decrease nerve bust cost up to 3. (1 per upgrade)

Total Cost: 593,993 respect


Main trees:

Increase Defense passively up to 20%. (1% per upgrade) Increase dexterity passively up to 20%. (1% per upgrade)

Secondary trees: Increase runaway chance up to 30%. (3% per upgrade) Increase maximum life up to 20%. (1% per upgrade)

Total Cost: 500,004 respect


In Laboratory you can built a Dirty Bomb. More details here.

Organised Crimes

These bring in respect and money for your faction. The higher grade OCs provide more money and respect. Failures will impact crime experience, though not as much as failures of personal crimes. OCs can be planned and initiated by any member with "OC" permission, given by Leader.

Name Members required Time of planning Cash gains ($) Respect gains
Blackmail 2 Members 24 Hours 6,000 - 10,000 1 - 2
Kidnapping 2 Members 48 Hours 15,000 - 35,000 3 - 5
Bomb Threat 3 Members 72 Hours 50,000 - 150,000 7 - 10
Planned Robbery 5 Members 96 Hours 400,000 - 600,000 18 - 24
Rob a money train 6 Members 120 Hours 3,250,000 - 4,250,000 25 - 35
Take over a cruise liner 15 Members 144 Hours 17,500,000 - 27,500,000 65 - 80
Hijack a plane 8 Members 168 Hours 20,000,000 - 50,000,000 80 - 100
Political Assassination 4 Members 192 Hours 100,000,000 - 300,000,000 200 - 300

Faction Communication

Faction Forums The faction forums are a place for you to talk to your members, post ideas, services from the faction and offers. It is also the main place for any up-to-date news from the faction and a well run forum is vital for a faction to succeed. All faction members can make threads and post in them, but only certain faction staff can delete threads that aren't theirs or make stickies.

Faction chatbox This is for faction members to talk in real-time, it is useful during chainings or asking for help with regards to the faction.

Newsletter Some Faction staff can send newsletters out, usually these letters have important information regarding the faction and it is usually best to pay attention to these.

IRC Most factions have some sort of IRC channel, this generally helps you to make friends within a faction and greatly boosts the team spirit within a faction. It also helps when attacking during wartime.