Can I delete or restart my account? The answer is yes you may request your account be deleted and you may restart a new account if you want too. Please read further information about this topic here NewAccount. You will be required to read that page entirely before the account will be removed and you allowed to restart.

How do I regain energy, nerve and happiness?

-You are automatically funded 5 energy and happiness every 15 minutes. (every 10 minutes for energy if you are a donator) You gain 1 Nerve point every 5 minutes.

Why do I keep going to jail?

-You keep going to jail because you are trying crimes that are way too hard for you, you must be patient and slowly move up the crimes. If you are under 10 days old, there are ticks next to the crimes that you can do with a high chance of success.

Why can't I see how close I am to leveling?

-Your Exp (points needed to go up levels) is hidden so you never know when you might be going up a level. This is one of the things that sets Torn apart from most online games. The element of surprise is always there! There is however the Fortune Teller which is unlocked at china after you hit level 15, using this will tell you how close you are to level.

Why can't I do many crimes?

-If you are failing the crime, you do not have enough experience in crimes to do it. Successfully complete some of the lower crimes to gain crime experience. It is much better to continue on lower crimes then to move up too soon and fail larger crimes you were not ready for. It can be a slow process and takes time and patience.

How do I gain points?

-To gain points, you must either invite friends to Torn using your referral link. You can also purchase points from the points market located in the city. You also receive points by successful completion of the 13 nerve crime, this has a high fail rate and if failed does a huge amount of damage to your nerve bar. You also receive 50 points upon successful usage of a donator pack.

What is my referral link?

-You can access your referral link to give to your friends under the "special" section of the sidebar. Alternatively, you can click here. Accessing this page will also display all rewards available to you for referring friends. Please note this is an example of what your referral link will look like - please do not use this link. http://www.torn.com/1621675

What do I do if I find a typo, incorrect punctuation or a bug in the game?

-Click on the Bug reporter on the sidebar and post the error. You may even be rewarded!

How do I change my account info?

-Go to preferences.

I know someone who is using multiple accounts / breaking the rules, what should I do?

-If you believe someone to be playing more than one account you should use the player report function to report the ID's in question. Allowing a staff member to check them out cannot hurt.

How do I propose/marry someone?

-You must first get a ring. When you have the ring, you must go into your items page and click 'propose' next to your ring item. Once you have clicked propose you will need to know the players ID that you wish to marry so you can type it in. You can cancel your proposal in your player preferences if you should change your mind before the current pending proposal has been declined or accepted.You will also need to select witnesses to witness the marriage.

If I have a relative or friend playing Torn City with me on the same IP, will I be banned?

-No, as of an |update IP blocks have been removed from the game. Staff have determined that they are able to efficiently able to identify the difference between a multiple account and two legitimate players. As long as you don't play two accounts, you will not get banned, staff can tell.

How do I divorce someone?

-You must first be married a full 7 days before you can be divorced. If you happen to be married the 7 days and wish to be divorced please go to the city where you will find the Divorce Agency, this is located on the South side of town. Here you can divorce your spouse.

How do I level?

-You can level up by simply playing the game. Many things affect your chances of leveling, from playing in the casino, to training your stats. When you attack someone, you also gain more EXP if you leave them instead of hospitalizing them.

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