The dump is the area in the city that can be searched for items. Any items you dispose of via the [Trash this item] option on your items page will end up here, and may be picked up by other players. For example: You found the item Brick trashed by Chedburn!

Each search uses 5 energy. With each search, you have the possibility of finding an item that was trashed. Your chances of finding any given item are based on how many different item types are currently in the dump. If there are 333 different types of item in the dump and someone dumps a donator pack, you would have a 1 in 334 chance of finding it.

There are two merits associated with the dump: 'Scavenger' for finding 1,000 items and 'Eco-friendly' for dumping 5,000 items. It doesn't matter what items these are.

There is also a mission from Duke, where you must find an item and defeat the previous owner.

Historical Notes

  • Awareness no longer applies to searching the Dump. This was changed in an update, which you can find here

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