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Key Details

  • Drug effects are never exactly the same - they tend to vary.
  • You cannot take another drug while you are still under the after-effect of a previous drug. You can tell how long the effect is going to last by hovering your mouse over the weed symbol.
  • Any effect given that increase your Happiness above the maximum is reset back down to the maximum at the regeneration point, it mean at every quarter hour mark i.e. XX:00/15/30/45.
  • Passive stat increases/decreases gained through drugs such as Ketamine, PCP, and Speed may slowly be decreasing during the course of their after-effects.
  • Opium will remove all hospital time, unless the cause is radiation sickness.
  • There are honour bars awarded for taking 50 of each drug.
  • Overdosing drugs may increase the after effects time.
  • For more information about drugs and drug addiction gain, consult bogie's drug guide (This has become out of date with new drug updates as of Dec 2014)


Drug Effects After effects Overdose
Cannabis - Increased Crime success rate (throughout after effects)

- Increase of 0-3 Nerve

60-90 minutes - 300-330 minutes Hospital time

- 100% Energy, Happiness and Nerve loss
- Awards 'Spaced Out' honour.

Ecstasy - Doubles Happiness 200-220 minutes - 100% Energy and Happiness loss
Ketamine - Passive increase of 50% to Defence

- Passive decrease of 20% to Speed and Strength

50-90 minutes - 1000 minutes Hospital

- 100% Energy/Happiness/Nerve loss
- Increased after effects (24-27 hours)
- Moderately decreased speed and dexterity during after effects

LSD - Passive increase of 30% to Strength

- Passive increase of 50% to Defence
- Passive decrease of 26% to Speed and Dexterity
- Increases Energy by 50
- Increases Happiness by 200 to 500
- Increases Nerve by 5

400-450 minutes - 100% Energy/Nerve loss

- 50% Happiness loss

Opium - Removes all standard Hospital time
- Increases Happiness by 65 to 90
200-250 minutes - No overdose
PCP - Passive increase to Strength and Dexterity

- Increase Happiness by 250

340-400 minutes - 1000 minutes Hospital

- Permanent loss of 400 Speed

Shrooms - Increases Happiness by between 400 to 500

- Passive decrease to all Fighting Stats by 20%
- Decreases Energy by 25 (Will not go below 0)

200-234 minutes - 100% Energy/Happiness/Nerve loss

- 100 minutes in Hospital

Speed - Passive 20% increase to Speed

- Passive 20% decrease to Dexterity

268 minutes - 450 minutes in Hospital

- Permanent loss of Strength and Defence of 6x current level

Vicodin - Passive increase to all Fighting Stats by 25% 240-360 minutes - 150 Happiness loss
Xanax - Increases Energy by 250

- Increases Happiness by 75
- Passive decrease to all Fighting Stats by 35%

360-480 minutes - 5000 minutes in Hospital

- After effect and addiction is increased as triple as normal (equal to taking 3 Xanax)
- 100% Energy/Happiness/Nerve loss
- Drug cooldown on overdose is roughly 24h with some variance

Addiction Effects

Using different drugs will give you different levels of addiction. The addiction effects differ from the regular effects of being on the drugs as these will be in-effect whether you are on a drug or not.

A set of five icons will appear on your Sidebar signifying what level of addiction you are suffering. The heavier your addiction, the redder the brain icon will appear.

If you use too many drugs you may start experiencing negative effects such as:

  • Your effectiveness within a company may drop (this does not affect Directors)

starts occuring once the addiction icon appears

  • You may be kicked out of your Education class

Happens at about 6-7%

  • You may lose access to the drug free Gym you train in if using large amounts of Xanax or Ecstasy

above ~100 of these two combined, so 50 each to allow you to get the two associated merits

  • You may only be allowed to train in other gyms while under the effects of drugs
  • Your Fighting Stats may be dramatically reduced
  • Your effectiveness in Organised Crimes may be dramatically reduced

It is possible to remove these long-term effects by:

  • Going to Rehab in Switzerland
  • Waiting for the addiction to wear off naturally
  • Spending job points on specials: "R and R" in Cruise Line Agency or "Herbal Cleansing" in Flower Shop (both are available in 5* companies)
  • Using Book : Milk Yourself Sober which removes a substantial amount of drug addiction upon completion.
  • Using Book : Hot Turkey to gain no drug addiction 31 days.

More testing needs to be done before accurate figures can be set on how many of each drug will force an Education kick.

Historical Notes

It used to reset any Energy/Nerve above the maximum limit back down to the maximum at the regeneration point. That effects were removed in Oct 2. 2011 (Energy) and Jul 21. 2012 (Nerve).

Other changes, not related to above:

  • An overdose on Ecstasy used to also remove everyone on your friends list.
  • The energy loss from using Shrooms used to take your energy into negatives if you had less than 25, now it will not drop below 0 but will still take up to 25 energy.
  • Opium used to restore 50% of your HP.
  • Awareness increase from Ecstasy & LSD was removed on Feb 21, 2017