With the release of the faction skill tree system information on this page may be incorrect, if you have any information please update with the newer information.


The Dirty Bomb (DB) is a special item that is built in a faction and is used against another faction with the aim of causing respect loss. It has the potential to bring massive destruction to the target faction if it is dropped when they have low respect. Potentially the target faction could be destroyed if their respect drops to 0 at the :57 minute mark torn time. Due to the very high prices of the materials needed to make a dirty bomb it is a very rare item. You also do not need to be in a faction to use a DB.

Worth to add, that Hazmat Suit will protect you from radiation, regardless to it source.

How to make a Dirty Bomb

  • To make a DB you must be a leader of a faction that has all the other armory upgrades.
  • The faction must have a 25 man capacity, but only needs to have 20+ members.
  • You have to have completed the General Science education course.
  • Buy the Laboratory upgrade for 105,027 respect and donate 100 x Cesium-137 to the faction.
  • Equip the Hazmat suit and then, you can start assembling a bomb. It will take up to 200 hours to complete (Some users have experienced varying times other than 200 hours, other recorded build times have been 184 and 173 hours). No members can leave the faction or travel to other countries before the bomb will be ready. The event in the faction news appear:

01/01/11 11:11 PM (Leader's name) has begun the construction process of a Dirty Bomb!

  • When the bomb is preparing, random faction members will be hospitalized due to radiation poisoning - everybody can notice them in hospital and discover your intentions, these hospitalizations happen at the xx:01 minute mark Torn time.
  • After 200 hours have passed the leader will receive an event and the DB item in their inventory. There is also an event in the faction news:

01/09/11 15:11 PM The Dirty Bomb has been completed! The leader now has it in their items!


  • When the DB has been planted, every online player in Torn will receive a special event saying that a dirty bomb has been planted. No one can leave the city before the detonation.
  • The bomb will detonate once the second hour mark passes after planting:
  • Everyone in Torn will receive the special event in the form of a splash popup with the name of the faction that was hit, the corresponding faction members will receive a second event telling them who bombed them.
  • The target faction will lose a large amount of respect, exact figures are unknown but it appears to vary, the lowest respect taken has been 10,431, the highest has been 50,125.
  • All members of the faction will be hospitalised for 2+ days with radiation poisoning as the cause
  • The airport and all shops will be closed for 4-6 hours after detonation.
  • Random online players will be hospitalized with reasons varying from medium to mild radiation poisoning, being trampled or hit by debris.
  • You can only remove the radiation poisoning by using Neumune Tablets, one tablet will remove 24 hours hospital time, no other medical item or drug will have any effect on radiation poisoning, revives are also ineffective.