CityWatch is an application that allows players to monitor their status and that helps alert users when certain events, mails, etc have occured.

It helps keep people up to date. If a user is away, a pop up will display and will stay there until the user is available again, along with any other updates after that.

The user can adjust their preferences to best suit their needs.

Purchasing CityWatch

A user can purchase the CityWatch application by trading 50 points in the Point Spending Shop.

Once a user has done this, they will receive a link, which allows the player to download it to their computer system. If a user tries to download the application without trading 50 points, their account they will use to login with will be invalid; suggesting the user to pay in order to login successfully.

Using CityWatch

Once you have successfully downloaded and installed Torn CityWatch, you can then begin using it. You will need to type in the details as you would if you are normally logging into the site. You can save your details so you don't have to retype it again or you can leave this default.

Once logging in, you will be brought to the overview page giving brief, important information about your status.



Energy status

Happiness status

Nerve status

Recent messages

Recent events

After you have seen these you may personalise your CityWatch by going to the "Settings" tab, located at the top. Once you have done this you can then select how you want your CityWatch program to operate.

• You can choose whether or not to display a notice when certain statuses (ie. energy, happiness, nerve, etc) regenerate.

• You can choose whether or not to display a notice when new events or messages have occurred.

• You can choose whether or not to project a sound when these events happen.

If you have made changes you can save this by clicking the "Save" tab, also located at the top. When you have finished using CityWatch you may use the logout button to prevent further notices, keeping the application running; or you can completely close the application by selecting the "Exit" tab also located at the top.

With CityWatch, you can include shortcuts on your desktop or quick launch, and when running you will see the Torn City icon located in the task tray, which you can use to manage CityWatch if you prefer not to have a window open. You can also hover over the tray icon (when logged in) to view regeneration status.