The city underwent a major overhaul with the release of RESPO, incorporating a map which will be used extensively for future missions and faction warfare. The new city map has completely revolutionised the way in which users interact with the city, whether it be through item finds or accessing other areas of the game.

  • View Chedburn's announcement on the release of the new city map here.
  • You can find information on the city prior to the release of RESPO here.

City Map

Previously the city was a complete wall of text, with no images. However, the release of RESPO completely changed that incorporating a fully interactive map in it's stead. The city map is the foundation for the future of faction war fare, where factions will fight over the city map to occupy certain areas.

The city map has been custom built from the ground up with the vision of future missions and faction warfare in mind.


With the release of Territories factions can now claim parts of the city to earn daily respect. Each faction's territory is viewable on the city map and there are 4 different options under the zoom tools to view how the city is divided:

  • View territory: territories are shown separated by who owns them
  • View block sector: view territories by what sector they are in; there are 7 sectors
  • View block density: view territories by daily respect given with green being the lowest and red being the highest
  • View block size: view by size

Each block has a base respect of 15 and has multipliers based on it's sector, size, and density listed below:

Sector Size Density
1 x2.50 (Central) x1.00 (Very small territory) (Smallest 5%) x1.00 (Empty fields)
2 x2.25 x1.25 (Small territory) (Second smallest 20%) x2.00 (Buildings)
3 x2.00 x1.50 (Medium territory) (Middle sized 50%) x3.00 (Landmark)
4 x1.75 x1.75 (Large territory) (Second largest 20%)
5 x1.50 x2.00 (Very large territory) (Largest 5%)
6 x1.25
7 x1.00

By default, the full territory view is disabled. There is an option to turn it on under the map.

Finding Items

Prior to the RESPO release you were able to find items solely by visiting the city link, however, this has since been changed. In order to find items you must physically search the city map by zooming in and clicking on an item if it appears on the map.

  • Items only appear once a day.
  • For more information see Awareness

Quick Links

For those who are still unable to get to grips with the city map there is an option to select the quick links at the city, this is somewhat similar to the old city, however, it is missing a few links that were available prior to the release of RESPO.

  • West Side: Education / Your Gym / Travel Agency
  • North Side: Auction House / Church / Item Market / Points Building / Points Market
  • Red-Light: Casino / Dump / Loan Shark / Missions / Race Track
  • Residential: Your House
  • Center: City Hall / Committee / Community Center / Hospital / Jail / Museum / Staff / Visitor Center
  • Financial: Bank / Donator House / Msg Inc / Stock Exchange
  • East Side: Big Al's Gun Shop / Bits 'n' Bobs / Cyber Force / Docks / Estate Agents / Jewelry Store / Nikeh Sports / Pawn Shop / Pharmacy / Post Office / Super Store / Sweet Shop / TC Clothing

Note: Some areas are unlocked from leveling or completing certain education courses

Removed Links

To compare the current city to the old city lay out click here.

  • Most notably the "Ask A Question" feature hasn't been linked into RESPO, to ask a staff member a question click here.
  • The Notebook can be accessed here.
  • The faction links have been completely removed from the city.

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