The Church was introduced with the RESPO update on the 23 June 2014.


Players are able to get married at the Church requiring a ring of some kind and a witness.


Should you no longer wish to be with a player that you have married then you have the option to divorce the player here.


One of the features of the Church gives the user to donate an amount of money

Displayed below is a list of results obtained from donating to the Church


  • A most charitable donation, thank you child.
  • I forgive you for your sins. (It seems this doesn't trigger 'the forgiven' honor bar!)
  • A most gracious donation, I admire your philanthropy.
  • May the Lord be with you.
  • Let your faith guide you.


  • Care to give a little more? I work very hard you know…
  • Hmm, well okay then, thanks I guess.
  • How many sins have you committed again?
  • Is that all you can spare? That’s barely going to cover my chiropodist appointment.
  • Thanks I suppose…
  • That’s kind of insulting you know... Do you know how much this building costs to maintain?
  • Have mercy…
  • A drop in the ocean…
  • You may aswell not have come…
  • The Lord giveth and the Lord taketh away.
  • I pray for you…
  • Did you at least bring me some wine too?
  • You may or may not still be going to hell.
  • Anything worth doing is worth overdoing.
  • Lamborghini, here I come! Thank you my child.
  • I’m blown away by your generosity, thank Lord I don’t have to pay income tax!


Praying costs 5 energy and has no visible effect on your account. There is however an honor bar that can be unlocked by praying. This award will be triggered once you get the message I forgive you for your sins. It is usually unlocked after 2 weeks of praying on a daily basis.

Further Reading

There is a theory that the outcomes from donations to the Church have a hidden effect on the game, read more here