Bookie Guide

Torn Bookies is a place you can bet your Torn cash on real life sports and events. Staff add matches to the bookies on a consistent basis, so there should always be something for you to bet on if you wish to try your luck. Certain staff are responsible for adding certain sports and events.

These are as follows...

  • Prodi - All Hockey (European and NHL), Cycling, Cricket
  • taktikz - International Football (Everything minus European Leagues), Champions League, Europa League, American Football (NFL, CFL, NCAA Football)
  • Dexter - UFC, MMA, Boxing, E-Sports
  • Madmiketyson - English Football (Premier League, Championship, Capital Cup, FA Cup)
  • The_Joker - All Motorsports, Horse Racing
  • paddybhoy - All European Football, Golf
  • Hoy - Rugby (League and Union), Darts, Snooker
  • Kate - Tennis, Basketball (NBA, WNBA, FIBA)

Each one has a thread in the forums, for their own section. This is where requests can be made for specific games. The gambling section on the forums can be found here... [1] No promises are made to get all requests made into the bookies, but staff do there best to try. Please have all requests in within 24 hours, or more before the match/event will take place.

Results are put in manually by Torn's bookie staff, so we say bets can take up to 24 hours to pay out.

Paying out results done in 2 steps.

-Bookie staff find, and input the result, sending to a Bookie Manager for verification.

-When a Manager has time, they check the results, and pay the bet out.

This can slow down some results, but it also stops a lot of mistakes being made. Asking for payouts does not speed up the process, and only tends to annoy staff, who could be busy elsewhere.

If you see a mistake in one of our bets, please contact a member of the bookie staff, the one who added the bet would be your 1st port of call if on-line. The bet can then be removed, and added correctly.

Some of our bets are added with handicaps. This is to make the bet less one sided. When making bets, make sure you know what you are betting on. If a bet has Handicap, H/C or spread in the title, it is a handicapped bet. Here are some examples of how a handicap bet looks, and what needs to happen for you to win the bet.[2]

  • Important Disclaimers.

Draw option in bets Any bet that has a Draw option included, irrespective of whether it says 60/90 minutes (depending on the sport), Will pay out at the end of Regulation time. Overtime/Shoot-outs only count on bets with No draw option.

Horse/Car/Greyhound etc. Racing bets These are set-up well before the fields are selected or qualify or in the case of Horse/Greyhound racing the animals may become "non-runners", if your selection doesn't race then you won't receive a refund, we do not have this facility. However, if none of the options available win then the bet will be deleted and all bets refunded.

Pick the 1st / Top Goalscorer bets These are set-up well before teams are selected, if your selection doesn't play then you won't receive a refund, we do not have this facility. However, if none of the options available win then the bet will be deleted and all money refunded.

  • FAQs

How do I work out how much I would win?

The easiest way, is to take your original bet amount, and multiply it, by the multiplier. A bet of 100 million, with a 1.8 multiplier, would be 100 x 1.8 = 180 million return.

When will my winnings be paid out?

We try our best to get all bets paid out within 24 hours of the match ending.

Will I get my money back if my horse does not run?

No. Refunds are only give on horse races, where under 8 horses START the race.

What happens if my football game goes into extra time?

All football, and European hockey, are paid out at regulation time, (90 minutes for football, 60 minutes for hockey) unless otherwise stated. NFL, NHL, NCAA and MLB are played to a final result.

My bet said I lost, yet my team won, what happened?

Make sure your bet was not on a handicap game. if it was, check scores carefully. IF you feel there is still a mistake, mail a member of the bookie staff.

I bet on the wrong team, can I get my money back?

No, bets cannot be refunded for this reason, I'm afraid.

Can we do accumulator bets?

No sorry, each bet placed is an individual bet.

Can I bet on more than one option per match?

You only have the option to bet on one option per bet.