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A player can gain access to the Blacklist by either purchasing a Donator Pack for $5 and using it, or using it after purchasing it for in game cash. Initially you are able to store ten players in your Blacklist (as with an update on the third of march, 2015), previously this number used to be fifty.

If you add any player to your blacklist, they will automatically be "tagged" and appear in the blacklist on the left hand side of the screen when they are online.

You do not lose access to the Blacklist after your Donator Status expires.

You are able to purchase extra spaces on this list from the points building at a cost of twenty five points, increasing your maximum capacity by ten.

Enemies are ordered by their description alphabetically. Descriptions of 'None' are at the top.

From your blacklist, you can view the following information about the players you have saved:

  • Online/Offline
  • Name
  • Level
  • Status - Okay, Jail, Hospital, Traveling, Federal Jail.
  • Icons
  • Description - a description you have put about them. If no description is added, shows as 'none'.

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