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  • This guide is designed to help you understand your opponent, and how to best deal with them as well as what gear is best suited for the job.

Spy on an opponent beforehand

This is obviously a convenience, you can always try to judge their strength based on their accolades instead. You can hire people to spy on your opponents at the Trading Post or trade chat. You can also gain the ability to spy on an opponent via the Army job special as well as the company special from a three star Law Firm or five star Television Network.

Judging an opponents strength

  • Several factors are needed to AID in judging an opponents strength, note that the result wont always be in your favor, but it's simply the best way I know of in this order.
    • How many (and what type of) drugs do they use? How many xanax in particular, each xanax is potentially 250 energy worth of training(This usually shows how long they have been in a PI/Pampered if they have one, so property can still be an important factor).
    • How many crimes do they have compared to you (are they decent crimes?) This shows how active they are, and how often they spend their nerve reflects how often they spend their Energy.
    • What property do they live in?
    • How much HP do they have? Do they seem so close to you in strength that this could play a factor? It's rare but one of the final factors.
    • How many refills have they used? Again this is another 150E per refill.
    • The final and most minor factor is how active an attacker are they? The more hits they have made the more E they have not spent training. Are they an anti-druggie? That means they spent even more for those hits.
      • This is not 100% of course, but with it you can generally figure out if you can beat your opponent or not.

Educational Benefits

  • This section deals with the slightly less obvious educations that add a utilized tactical advantage rather than generic stat boost and includes how to use that to your advantage.
    • BIO3420 (this is the final Biology education, so it may not be first on your list) It allows you to equip the stat boosters melatonin, epinephrine, and serotonin.
      • When to utilize this education: When you have a spy on an opponent, your speed is high enough where you can hit them, but they have a lot of hit points or defense compared to your strength and you need that damage boost. You will want to use the one that boosts strength, other stat boosters are reported to have negligible effects for the turn they cost for the loss of an HEG. A trick you can also use is to attack a weaker opponent, use a booster and then quickly attack your main target while still under the influence.
    • CBT2125 (this is the combat course that increases shotgun accuracy 5%)
      • Why is it so important? Because the weapon Jackhammer is a high damage high accuracy shotgun, this adds more accuracy and it is the best offline weapon that costs less than 1 billion+. Due to limited rounds it's best to bring a backup secondary/melee weapon of course.

Attack strategy-What weapons you should use

  • What weapons you should use is actually based on your stats in comparison to your opponents, I cannot stress that enough, too many times have I heard it's based on your stats which is simply not true. The stats you want to consider are your speed, and their dexterity, then you pick the weapon best suited for the job, does your speed overpower their dexterity? If so you should definitely be using a high damage weapon. Is their dexterity looking like it might be a problem? If so, you should be equipping more accurate weapons.
    • As far as a generic equipment setup goes for attacking, if you have an accurate melee weapon equipped, you should have high damage primary/secondary weapons. If you have a high damage melee, two accurate guns, why? Because one has unlimited ammo, there's no point in even using the others if they're all the same, so you want as much ammo in the other as possible if you go that route. As far as temporary weapons go the best instant damage one is the HEG, the best short term disable is the Flashbang.
    • What should I do if I can't/don't want to spy them? If you don't know their stats, you should use a generic weapon setup, probably with accurate for the melee (like a macana) just in case. First you throw your HEG, this is a way to judge their dex compared to your speed? Did you hit them? If so, start unloading your high dmg weaponry if the HEG hit you may be good to go with these too, if it missed you most definitely need to go straight to the accurate weapon. If you're using a flashbang simply try your less accurate first then more accurate weapon if you miss.

Defense Strategy-What weapon should I equip when not attacking?

  • Go to the Attack Preferences tab on your Preferences page.
  • You'll generally want to set stealth on and temporary weapons to re-equip after a fight if you can afford it. For defense you'll only want temporary weapons that do damage if you chose to use them as attackers can wait out the negative effects of items like flashbangs.
  • You'll want to use a Jackhammer as a primary, no secondary, and a macana as a melee weapon.
    • Set Primary to 100 so it almost always fires until out of ammunition with reload off. Then set your Macana to 10. Essentially this mimics your attack setup, you unload a higher damage less accurate weapon. Since it runs out in usually 2 shots, sometimes 3 with the right educations if you're missing you'll switch to Macana. If not they're already dead or close and you finish them with the Macana.
      • Why Jackhammer over dual weapons? Again you want it to run out of ammo on defense and there are masteries to increase damage/accuracy of guns.

Any specific weapons I should be using?

  • There are many decent cheaper weapons, and some insanely good expensive ones. If you're asking this I'll assume you can't afford more than a Mace which costs $8,000,000. I'm aware of the Armalite being a good weapon, but it is on par/very very close to the Enfield SA-80's stats which only costs 250k as opposed to 20m (plus Enfield has more ammo). That being said, again it depends on your opponents dexterity as opposed to yours, so we'll have two categories here, weapons for if your speed overpowers their dexterity, and weapons for if your speed does NOT overpower their dexterity, to varying degrees of course which I'll leave it up to you to learn/judge IE the Minigun and Jackhammer can both be considered damage weapons but one has more damage less accuracy etc. Don't be stupid, look at the stats and figure it out. Now onto the list, and do keep in mind ammo limitations of certain guns, such as the jackhammer. I will not list items that cost more and have worse stats than cheaper variants. If you're a new player looking for any good weapon at all, buy a macana, it's all you'll ever need and can always get more stuff later, it's the best cheap weapon at 100k or so.
If your speed overpowers their dexterity
Type Weapon Price
Primary - Minigun

- Jackhammer

- Swiss Army SG 550

$3,000,000 in Mexico

$5,000,000 in Switzerland

$7,500,000 in Switzerland (less accuracy more ammo than Jackhammer)

Secondary - Dual 96G Berettas

- Flame Thrower

- BT MP9

$150,000 in Mexico

$3,000,000 in Argentina (note:1 ammo)

$55,000 in Japan

Melee - Guandao

- Mace

$200,000 China

$8,000,000 United Kingdom (same but more dmg than Guandao)

Temporary - HEG $20,000 in Hawaii

If your speed does NOT overpower their dexterity
Type Weapon Price
Primary - XM8 Rifle

- Enfield SA-80

$12,500 at big Al's (not great but temporary til you can replace it)

$250,000 in the United Kingdom (good accuracy and decent damage)

Secondary - USP

- Qsz-92

- BT MP9

$975 at Big Al's

$90,000 in China (more dmg less accurate than USP)

$55,000 in Japan (More accurate and equal damage to QSZ)

Melee - Ice Pick

- Macana

- Nunchuckas

$20,000 in Canada

$100,000 in Argentina (bit more dmg than pick)

$400,000 in Japan (same stats as Macana)

Temporary - HEG $20,000 in Hawaii
  • It should be noted this is not a "use these weapons list" simply a generic guide, there are plenty of other weapons almost as good, as good, and some that are better but more expensive, diversity is the spice, so look around on your own, a pair of high heels for example is a great novelty attack weapon that also has great accuracy and decent damage! Word of the day is, have some fun, buy a lead pipe and whack a noob!

How do I beat opponents much stronger than myself?

  • If you're at war and notice an enemy lose, then morph out now is your chance, equip a pillow (10m in Hawaii) and attack as long as they're on 1hp (watch out it regens at the 15 min marks IE :00 :15 :30 :45. If you use a pillow you will have a very good chance of hitting even if they have much higher stats, you also generally do more than 0 damage, meaning you can actually beat players with way higher stats by using a pillow when they have 1hp, so be alert, and use a pillow! Also note that although extremely accurate they are not 100% as the accuracy has been greatly nerfed, though it's still probably the best choice for a 1hp enemy with higher stats. Also note that people have been renaming their companies to stuff like 1/138900 (for example) so make sure it's the players HP not their company name!

What Weapons should I use to get my Finishing Hits merits?

Weapons for finishing hit merits
Type Weapon Details
Heavy artillery - Minigun High dmg low accuracy, if you have bad speed, try newbs.
Machine guns - M249 PARA LMG Only MG in the game.
Rifles - Enfield SA-80 Cheap, accurate, good damage.
Sub machine guns - BT MP9 Cheap, accurate, good damage
Shotguns - Jackhammer High damage, Accurate.
Pistols - Qsz-92 good damage, Accurate.
Temporary weapons - HEG Extreme damage and accuracy.
Piercing weapons - Macana Accurate, cheap, decent damage.
Slashing weapons - Kodachi Swords Accurate, cheap, decent damage.
Clubbed Weapons - Nunchuckas Accurate, semi-cheap, decent damage.
Machinery - Taser

- Chainsaw

- Additional note

Accurate, low damage, cheap.

high damage, cheap, extremely inaccurate.

These are the only two Machinery weapons in the game.

Additional notes:

This is a guide written for the guides section of the wiki rather than a generic page, if you wish to edit beyond adding minor stuff, like linking, or if you have any suggestions, comments or criticism please contact Beerstein 1322136 in torn, thanks. Hopefully this saves some people from typing it out all the time in the questions forum.

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