Buenos Aires, Argentina is a current location available for travel. It costs $21,000 to travel and takes 2 hours 47 minutes to arrive at the destination each way when using standard travel. Travel can be made free and travel times can be cut by 30% with the airstrip property upgrade, by 50% with the WLT stock benefit or by 70% with a business class ticket.

Previously the location was Santa Rosa, until a travel update.


Name Category Buying Price Selling Price
Soccer ball Special $50 $30
Monkey Plushie Other $400 $300
Ceibo Flower Special $500 $350
Compass Other $2,500 $1,750
Tear Gas Temporary $15,000 $10,000
Throwing Knife Temporary $35,000 $30,000
Macana Melee $100,000 $80,000
Flame Thrower Secondary $3,000,000 $2,500,000
Liquid Body Armour Armour $7,500,000 $4,500,000

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