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Thread created on Fri Mar 02, 2012 17:49:36
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These updates or changes have been approved by the Player Committee
We&#8217;ve implemented a new travelling system starting from the ground up. You should find the entire process much smoother and more appealing now.There may be a &#8216;Max buyable items&#8217; issue for people who were already travelling while this update was released. We&#8217;re sorry about this. It'll be resolved for you when you next go to the travel agency.[img][/img]- Cayman Islands has been added with its own set of items and a special feature: Offshore banking. Here you can store an unlimited amount of money for as long as you want at a 3% charge per deposit.- All travelling methods and item buying now uses a lightbox system which is much smoother and avoids full page reloads. You're now able to buy items in bulk, all at once.- To shake things up a bit, items while travelling and in Torn shops now have an amount of stock which goes down when the items are purchased. This opens us up to certain interesting features - for example... Rare items that appear in shops occasionally, trade fluctuations as stock depletes in certain areas, and special limited time items can be added. Important mainstream items have been given large stock amounts and a high availability stat.- Travel times have been altered, you&#8217;ll find some areas now take longer to reach, while others are shorter. The travel times have been generated using the exact &#8216;real life&#8217; distance the countries are from Torn. Business class ticket has been changed from &#8216;Instant one way travel&#8217; to &#8216;quickest method of travel both ways&#8217;.- Airstrip and Travel agency has been merged in to a single page. This page will select your best option automatically for travel, but gives you the option to change if you want to.- WLT now also has the same travel bonuses as Airstrip (item capacity).- Each country has been filled with facts that appear while travelling. We&#8217;ll be looking in to constantly adding more.- Recruit Citizens has been added to the travelling page, in the hope that users will share their referral URL while travelling.- Laptop has been improved and the blue screen of death has been removed, fixing issues that occurred after using laptop.- The rehabilitation center in Switzerland has been updated and now has a 'Bulk Rehab' option.- You are now able to see which country users are travelling to by viewing their profile.- Drug prices have been altered. They are now more expensive in closer countries but much cheaper in countries that are further away. This is to make certain countries more profitable to travel to. Drugs may still sway in price each day. A few of the less used drugs have received big price drops.Thanks.

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Forum Main>>Announcements>> Update: New travelling system + Cayman Islands
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