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IRC Rules and Guidelines

  • Flooding

Do not flood any channel for any reason. This is the act of continuously posting with the intent of flooding the channel out from smooth flowing conversation.

  • Swearing

Even though the swear filters have been lowered to allow for a more realistic chat and more room for freedom, do not excessively swear, nor avoid the swear filter.

  • Impersonation

That act of pretending to be staff or another player. Please remember someone joking around using a nick with the original owner sitting right there does not constitute this rule being broken. It means when someone is using the nick for malicious reasons pretending to be staff or another player.

  • Flaming

Do not flame another user on IRC in any publicly accessible channel. Flaming is defined as intentionally saying something that directly insults another user.

  • Ban Evasion

Do not purposely avoid a ban set by a staff member. If you avoid a ban the following consequences apply in addition to your original punishment.

  • Racism/Discrimination

Racism against another user or group of people in any publicly accessible channel is not tolerated.

  • Begging

Do not beg for items, weapons, or money in any Official Channel

  • Illegal Activity

Warez distribution or porn site advertisements have a zero tolerance rule, you will be severely punished for these. Any direct violation of any U.S. law is not allowed.

Helpful Links

  • IRC Guide

New to using Mirc? We have a guide in our forums that can walk you through every step to setting up Mirc. Please click here to get details on setting up Mirc and using it with ease. [1]

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