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Mail Box Rules and Guidelines

  • Obscenity

Excessive swearing or other acts of vulgar actions. Deliberately avoiding filters in place, spacing, images designed to avoid filters, creating inappropriate topics etc.

  • Flaming

The act of insulting to bring another player down by ridiculing or making fun of the player.

  • Spamming/Flooding/Trolling

The act of spamming multiple users with unsolicited mails or spamming the same user with nonsense mails.

  • Sexual Content

Selling, buying or trading, or attempting to sell, buy or trade "sexual favours" is illegal and will result in punishment. This includes but is not limited too, MSN addresses, email addresses, or any images/videos of yourself.

  • Harassment

The act of harassment is deemed as bringing someone's real life into the game in any form. Posting pictures of another player without permission, real life information such as address or phone number etc. This can cost you your account, this is a game, played by characters, please let it remain that way. Do not bring another player's real life into the forums at any point without permission from that said player.

  • Abusing Report functions

The act of sending FALSE reports, flooding the reporter, obscenities flaming etc. Please do not fear this rule, if you believe something to be against the rules report it.

  • Avoiding mail bans or bypassing being ignored

Avoiding mail ignores or bans by using events (including initiating Trades) or by mailing a player on behalf of others. This includes all players involved in sending the emails.

  • Violation of Mail box rules

Continued abuse of forum privileges along with the mail ban and ONLY after being warned and banned multiple times and ONLY in extreme circumstances. This is for those who just cannot seem to learn after all other means have been exhausted. We reserve the right to revoke your mail privileges at any time.

  • Illegal Activity

Warez distribution or porn site advertisements have a zero tolerance rule, you will be severely punished for these. Any direct violation of any U.S. law is not allowed.

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