Squatters rights
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    Posted on 13:17:37 - 29/07/14 (3 years ago)
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    Darthbong [309951]

    I thought this was going to be more like if your spouse was inactive for a few years you can talk to a staff member and have it all transfered to you.

    But hmm Age/level/wealth well.
    With Age comes knowledge that can be past down to noobs so were like teachers so yes gives us alittle more rights then noobs especially when a 5 day old new player comes and and starts spouting suggestions without really even playing yet.

    Level to me means nothing there are lots of younger people who level whore if you can find the right targets i'm sure you can blast your way up to lvl 80 in a few months.

    Wealth they may feel entitled but money really isn't a big thing in this game (at least for me), just because they can bounty people for months without stop just makes them (insert swearwords).

    I understand game wise some people have more experience than others but sometimes it can bleed into other forums too, NR use to be a much rougher place to post than it is now a days especially on controversial type threads where being a "Noob" would totally exempt you from giving an opinion in the eyes of some, what was funny wassometimes the "Noob" would be the oldest person irl posting on the thread but the squatters would talk to them like they were a 10 year old