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    Thread created on 00:48:23 - 27/07/21 (2 months ago)
    Last replied 12:59:41 - 06/09/21 (1 month ago)
    Ughhh check it,
    I was Born in Torn and I must admit,
    My city likes porn it gets us rich!
    Everyone got sores all on they lips!
    Lord of Whores n all of em sick!
    My General got cells in his basement!
    Survivors only tell IF they make it!
    Never seen police or for that fact bacon,
    Professional scum ain't gots ta fake it!
    Is that a Xanax? Find out n take it!
    Might get left? For goodness sakes kid!
    Torns got church but we forsake it!
    Ughhh my girl owe duke cash,
    He said no she can't pay with ass,
    I said no she can't take ma grass,
    Porsche 911 can't make it crash!
    And I'm the worst they is,
    Od on drugs n it hurt my biz,
    Thank god torn city ain't takin kids,
    Gamble or hustle we making chips,
    Left my wife for a guy man I hate that bitch!
    Stock market? Wtf is this?
    Dirty needles all over kinda place is this?
    Torn City! Best place on earth!
    Las Vegas?bitch Please this is worse.
    Torn city! full a hoes n mercs!
    We all got jobs but nobody works!
    Ughhh triple Platinum.
    3xanax a day records! North side!

    *licks Rambo Knife*

  • NOM2 KillTimer [2120834]KillTimer [2120834]
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    Posted on 12:59:41 - 06/09/21 (1 month ago)
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    You Born in torn no you bought in porn cover
    they smuggled you at your birth hour
    you think you are hip n rich
    they just made you their own bitch
    think you have free will n choice
    See their are things better than you like Plushie Tortoise

    Whore lord hell you ya lord o whore ??
    nd you hide your wee ass when its sore
    you hella go die with wee pinches
    fella think his whorelord with three inches...........

    Mic Drop
    By MC KillTimer
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