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Testing BBCode support
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    Thread created on 09:21:22 - 17/05/24 (1 month ago)

    Monospaced, and pre

    Ok. SO monospaced-pre doesn't work...

    How about quotes:

    Life is like a pube on a toilet seat, sooner or later you're going to get pissed off
    Ok, kinda, but no author attribution support.

    How about colour?

    [style size="30px"]How about large text[/style]
    [style size="85"]And what about smaller text[/style]

    Ok. Doesn't support styling.

    • Entry A
    • Entry B

    Seems to be ok?

    table cell 1 table cell 2
    table cell 3 table cell 4

    Resultant code is messy, but workable.
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    ~ P

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