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    Thread created on 07:14:03 - 27/01/24 (4 months ago)
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    Beginning Transmission:

    We are sending this telegram with the hopes of making contact with intelligent lifeforms. We are the New Sith Order and we want you to join our thriving community. We were founded on March 9th, 2009 on Planet Bob and migrated to Torn in 2016. From humble beginnings in this new world, we have grown into a active and thriving force users.

    3.2 Million Respect

    New Sith Order - Dread, as it's internally known, is the war focused faction in our family, and is seeking experienced people who are active and hungry for war.

    We also have PA teams, and are looking for leads, with 35% payouts for strong leads.

    Requirements for Dread

    - Must have donator status and be living in a PI
    - Must spend at least 600 energy in the gym daily
    - Must give maximum effort during wars (and let us know if you won't be available), and atleast 1% hits during chains

    2.2 Million Respect

    New Sith Order - Wrath, as it's internally known, is the more casual faction of our family, focused less on wars and more on chains and member growth. Wrath has a alternating schedule of 1 war 1 chain every two weeks (with big training breaks throughout the year)

    (Note: we have a well telegraphed rotation of perks to get the most out of events, and to facilitate our training periods)

    Requirements for Wrath

    - Must be levelling to 15 (we have a great academy system to guide you in early game)
    - Must have donator status(90 day grace period) and be living in a PI after reaching level 15
    - Must spend at least 600 energy in gym daily, with a 60 days grace period
    - Must give maximum effort during wars (and let us know if you won't be available), and at least 1% hits during chains

    General Requirements

    - Must be 18+
    - Must sign up for Torn Stats within 3 days
    - Must reach level 15 within 1 month of joining
    - Must not be inactive for more than 5 consecutive days
    - Must not have multiple shorter inactive spans
    - Must join our Discord server. Discord is our primary channel of communication.

    What do you get for joining?

    - A super active, fast growing community with an active discord
    - Xanax/Monetary giveaways and community competitions
    - Access to our armory including: RW Weapons, Armor, Beer, Med Items, and Candies (and free xanax/refills for chains/wars)
    - An active mentoring system, with great guides, and access to audits if you want any suggestions to improve your game
    - An active, accessible government structure. Any member can rise to the top of leadership, and we have multiple councils/ departments for members to contribute in, that help run the order.

    Are you still listening young wanderer? Contact us to join in today!

    End Transmission

    Any questions related to faction? Contact

    Emperor of the Sith:
    Dark Lord of the Sith:

    To join, contact the leadership in our Cultivation council:

    Master of Cultivation:

    Apprentice of Cultivation:


    • Fermion [2691036]
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    Posted on 15:04:23 - 07/02/24 (4 months ago)
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    Coming back to torn draft

    Biggest changes
    - Stocks 3 (unlimited safe vault)
    - Bookies 2.0 (bets can't be cancelled)
    - Crimes 2.0 ( switch to this unless doing hacks, link emforus guides)
    - Ranked wars and ranked war weapons Armor

    Things to check
    - check number of refills. You get inactive refills for every week of inactivity after a certain point. Check number of free refills in points building

    If close to halloween (
    Keep 100 refills for halloween and use in trick or treat, limited by 100 refills a week)
    Else (
    Use in training -- training with refills section
    Use in ranked wars / long chains with big rewards

    - check job points in army and other jobs.
    Click this to make a limited access key : https://www.torn.com/preferences.php#tab=api?&step=addNewKey&title=Limited%20access%20key&type=3

    Then add the key at the end of this url

    That should give you a response like this
    {"jobpoints":{"jobs":{"medical":2,"casino":3},"companies":{"6":{"name":"Gun Shop","jobpoints":12}}

    Look for points in jobs that grant stat boosts - army, logistics management, fitness centre, mining corporation. There are other companies /jobs that might be useful too

    - install torn tools extensions and use the limited access key you made earlier

    - Check stocks, if you have any stock benefits available to claim. Claim what you can.

    - check books. Ugly energy, happiness is bliss might be helpful


    Check if you deposited any money in banks/caymans ,or factions. Log link . If the old faction entity still exists and you didn't get your money back, you can request current lead for the money

    Grocer, Grocery Store, sweet shop, adult novelties may let you get a lot of items with the jp if you have a ton of them

    If you have outstanding loans with duke, pay him off, else he'll bounty you and make it harder

    Check items with torntools to see if you have any item that is worth a lot now. Don't sell yet.

    Check city maps to see if you got anything

    Sell the items safely if you can, or through a trusted trader if you can't.

    Join a decent respect faction that might help you get back in the groove. Check if your old faction still exists. Check old friends in the friends tab. If you remember them, you could reconnect and they'd help you get back in the groove


    Use army/company jp in stats to get a quick boost if you have them. If you were in edu and have a lot of points there use those to boost your workstats

    If you have a lot of free refills that you can use in training,

    Check the gym you're in. If you are in a low gym, join music store and get to later midweight gyms atleast before doing any jump

    Jumping refills

    - make sure you're in a decent gym
    - make sure you're in a faction with steadfast perks on
    - make sure you're in a company that'll help gym gains

    99k jump the refills. You can do 100 at a time. Two ways to do it
    - join a 10 star an and make sure your fac has 48h booster. You can do a 99k jump yourself then
    - if you have money join a comp with extra gym gains type perks then buy the jump from a happy seller like happy hoppers
    - if you have a lot of jp in music store (or any company that lets you get happy for jp) you could potentially do a jump or two

    Don't use stippogram, they're pointlessly expensive

    Boost to 50k happy, then xtc, then train stacked e + refills. Keep multiple tabs to keep it fast

    Use gym simulator https://storage.googleapis.com/togagymsim/index.html to preplan jump


    You can join a company now longterm.
    Company guide :https://www.torn.com/forums.php#/p=threads&f=61&t=16207045&b=0&a=0

    Using refills for money

    If you're already 50m or more in all stats, you could alternatively use the refills for money via ranked wars

    Join a faction that does weekly wars (cache farms might be good)

    Use refills to do lots of war hits. Use the money to invest

    Some factions may pay out heavily for chains as well. Longer chains better. Can check in lf faction for this


    I never played the game, returning at level 1
    Read baldr's guide, level to 15, use job points for stats / money as applicable. Wait for some time before doing refill jumps

    Should I use refills for losses

    Should I use refills for nerve
    No. E is much more valuable than nerve

    Should I gamble the money
    Not unless you wanna quit again

    My name is different. How did it get changed
    Someone claimed your name while you were inactive. You can change it again in settings
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