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    Thread created on 17:13:56 - 24/11/20 (1 year ago)

    The Blind Eye Law Firm is Hiring!
    New owner and rising FAST!

    Growing 3 * Law firm with plenty of perks for busting out merits!

    Hiring 5 attorneys!!

    11,000 INT 5,500 END

    If you're working on bail or busting merits,
    a Law Firm is what you NEED!

    Spend your job points to do stat reveals and make cold, hard CASH!

    Stat reveals sell for 1 Xan to $1.5 mil! Build your wealth while working toward your sweet merit achievements!

    StarsNameCost (Job Points)Effect
    1Bail BondsmanPassive50% decreased bail costs
    3Background Check10View someone's stats
    5Closing ArgumentPassiveEasier to bust more people at once
    7LoopholePassive20% organised crime skill
    10Educated DecisionsPassiveView success chance of potential busts

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