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    Thread created on 14:08:11 - 05/08/20 (1 year ago)
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    We are the Nuclear Family.
    A family of factions that strive to grow both collectively and individually.

    The Nuclear Family has a core set of requirements that you'll find in each faction.

    - Be Active.
    - Wanting to improve.
    - Are in Torn when your OC is due.
    - Join us on TornStats.
    - Work on improving your NNB.
    - Fill 3 Empty Blood Bags a day from faction armoury.

    In addition to these core items, each faction has individual requirements based on energy use and crime growth. You will often be expected to join TornStats, fill blood bags and wall jump for neighbours.

    If you want to be part of something worth your time here in Torn, the Nuclear Family is for you.

    We offer the chance to earn revive merits quickly and easily, just message or join our revive server, Central Hospital for all your needs!
    Central Hospital

    Armageddon is a Crime Focused / Warring faction.

    If you're looking to boost your Crime Experience (CE) and or become part of a Political Assignation (PA) Team, this is the faction for you.

    Our upgrades reflect this joining, Armageddon will increase your nerve by 40 and you'll earn 25% more experience from crimes.

    Our requirements are that you are active, Use 2Xan & Refill a day, Contribute 1% each 10k chain, 50M Stats minimum.

    Blast is a Training Focused / Warring faction.

    Looking to get your stats up? Want to travel, chain and war? Blast will blow you away!

    Joining blast will increase your gym stat gains by up to 15%! Joining blast will also increase your Cayman bank interest by 25%!

    Our requirements are that you train 1K E per day, Chain 240 hits per 3 months, 20M Battle stats minimum, 35NNB minimum.

    Development is a Training Faction for intermediate players.

    Development is a faction for those who have some battle stats but need to focus on training while deciding what the next goal is for their gameplay.

    Our faction perks reflect those gym growth needs as well as maxed travel items; nerve/crime boosters; and reducing the negative effects of drug use.

    Our requirements are you have minimum 1m battle stats, meet chain requirements, donator status, 20 crimes a day.
    Click here to view the faction page

    Engineering is a Training Faction for beginner players.

    Engineering is a faction for absolute beginners, here we have dedicated teams to show you the quirks of this game
    Engineering is the best faction to go to become the next up and coming Torn player.

    Our faction perks are suited to give new players a massive boost; Extra nerve & extra cooldown, more happiness from candy and more nerve from alcohol, extra gym gains and maxed travel items.

    Our requirements are you actively training and meet chain/wall requirements.
    Click here to view the faction page

    Clinic is a hybrid Reviving/Chaining Faction.

    Like healing? Like Killing? Why not have the best of both worlds?
    Clinic is a hybrid revive faction that revives on the weekdays and chains on the weekends! (Not literally)

    Our faction perks are suited to reviving and chaining! 25e Revives, +10% Gym gains on rotation, max travel items, and extra nerve

    Our requirements are you able to revive, drama free, have donator status and have a Friends: Enemy ratio > 1.5
    Click here to view the faction page

    Emergency Room is a Reviving Faction.

    Wanna get on the reviving Hall of Fame, earn big from revive contracts?
    Emergency Room is a leading revive faction that houses some of the best revivers in Torn!

    Our faction perks are suited to dedicated revivers! 25e Revives, +12hr Booster Cooldown and a reduced chance of overdosing.

    Our requirements are you able to revive, have donator status, actively revive and take multiple Xanax a day.
    Click here to view the faction page

    Torn Medical is a Reviving Faction.

    Do you want to exploit the revive game to become a Torn Billionaire?!
    Torn Medical is the faction for you!

    Our faction perks are suited to revivers! 25e Revives, Max Travel Items, Reduce chance of OD, Extra Nerve, +9% Steadfast on rotation.

    Our requirements are you able to revive, have a good reputation, at least 10 revives a week always, work to improve your Natural Nerve Bar.
    Click here to view the faction page






    Emergency Room

    Torn Medical

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