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TornadoTech Price List - Image/GIFs/Links/YouTube
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    Thread created on 06:28:08 - 15/06/20 (2 years ago)
    Last replied 08:43:03 - 15/06/20 (2 years ago)
    Myself and Navsd have developed an all-in-one automated price list tool which we are selling to traders looking for:
    1) fast automated prices
    2) all commonly traded items categories
    3) quick copy paste calculator
    4) unique supporting features (e.g. trade analytics) to consistently make profitable trades
    5) competitive pricing schemes with reliable customer support.

    The tool is built using google sheets and can be previewed at:

    We understand not all traders will have experience using spreadsheets, so we have also written detailed GIF instructions for this product: For those who prefer video instruction, I made a short 5 minute YouTube showing a sample trade and price negotiation with a client using our tool:

    Trading Tool Feature Highlights
    • Includes over 450 items and 23 categories.
    • Flexible item level price setting and easily selecting items and categories that you want to buy.
    • All item prices update every 20 minutes using market value and lowest bazaar price.
    • A copy-paste calculator that enables you to process payments for trades in a few seconds.
    • Both chat and mail receipts to verify your trade payments.
    • A negotiation panel calculator to help negotiate prices with clients while keeping the trade profitable.
    • Trade history and analytics to keep you informed about frequent sellers and profits obtained.
    • Works across all devices with some natural restrictions imposed when using mobile.

    Pricing Options:

    Please message either myself (battlefire44) or Navsd for purchase inquiries and/or any other questions you may have about our trading tool.

    We now present details for each component of our trading tool below for those interested in learning more.

    Price List Layout:

    Price Settings Menu Layout:
    • Allows you to flexibly set profit margins or manually set a price for each item.
    • Easily check off any item you are not trading for the displayed price to replaced by “Currently Not Buying”.

    Copy Paste Calculator
    • Instantly calculates total payment after pasting in trade list
    • Contains a text receipt that can be easily pasted into the sellers chat
    • Shows profits being made for each item bought as well as the total trade profit.

    Price Negotiation with Seller and Quote Panel Layout
    • Supportive feature that enables you to negotiate item prices while staying profitable.
    • Generates an automated “Quote” that can be pasted into that chat.
    • The “Quote” feature can be used even if you aren’t negotiating and just informing a client how much they can expect to earn from a trade.

    Trade History and Analytics
    Supportive feature that enables you to keep track of frequent sellers, plushie/flower runners, and statistics such as average profit per trade and total quantity of items purchased.

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    Posted on 08:43:03 - 15/06/20 (2 years ago)
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    very cool trade tool. im using the old version of this and my trades made shoot up from 5 per day to 50 per day. cannot wait to see this new version  launch. I personally love the new feature which are historic and analytic. i can track my profit made everyday. SICK! keep up good work mate. i never regret buying the tool. really change my trading performance. Rate up :D
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