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    Thread created on 16:47:17 - 23/06/19 (3 years ago)
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    What is a Stock Notifier?
    A stock notifier basically notifies you if there is stocks available for sale in the Stock Market. For example when 500k Symbiotic Ltd. (SYM) Stocks are available for sale, my discord bot will @discordname and you will be alerted every X amount of time.

    Why should I get a Stock Notifier?
    Here's why, SYM and FHG Stocks sell fast and if you are lucky and quick, you can buy them and resell them for a large profit. I've made up to 30M profit per SYM BB and 50M profit per FHG BB and it just so happens that my bot alerted me that there were SYM/FHG BBs for sale so I snagged them quick and resold them.

    How do I get one?
    First you will contact me and when you have processed the payment you will be invited to my private discord and given your own role and channel for the bot to ping you, very simple as I am the one doing the code and modifications for you

    How do change settings for the bot?
    You will contact me telling me this

    Stock Name:
    Shares required to ping:
    Time Interval for Update:


    The base fee is $5M and weekly you will be required to send a Xanax to me, this may seem a lot but considering how much money you will make within a matter of weeks! The Xanax is the cost of running my bot on my Amazon Lightsail Server. Did I also mention that your first week is free? And that's a great price!


    I will need your API key as mine is currently bombarded with requests

    If you wish to stop the stock notifier simply dont send me a Xanax and you will not need to pay $5M base fee again

    Not my fault if the bot becomes sentient

    Sample Bot Features:
    !botinfo - Gives basic information on the bot

    !tornuser ID - Gives basic information of someone (Outdated)

    !respect - Gives current respect of MY faction (Can be changed)

    !stock PRN - Gives information of Performance Ribaldry Network and BB Cost

    Faction Respect Tracker (Interval) - Every X amount of time respect will be logged by the bot (X amount can be changed, currently set to 5)

    Full Features:

    Input Features
    !botinfo - Gives information of the bot
    !update - Shows latest update of * Bot!
    tornuser [ID] - Gives basic information obtainable!
    faction [ID] - Gives basic faction information obtainable
    !respect - Shows Infinite Dimension's Current Respect
    !stocklist - Shows stocks list and Acronym Page 1
    !stocklist 2 - Shows stocks list and Acronym Page 2
    !stocklist 3 - Shows stocks list and Acronym Page 3
    !stock [Acronym] - Shows detailed information plus cost of Benefit Block

    Non Input Features:
    Pings a particular person or pings a tag when a certain stock like SYM/FHG have reached 500k/2M stocks.

    Output's current respect every X amount of time

    If you need a line of code or addition features I can do them for additional 5M per.

    $50 Million for the bot and 1 Xanax monthly as I have these bots run on my Amazon Lightsail Server 24/7, the first month is free.

    If there is an update with the bot there will be no additional payments and the price you pay for includes all current and new features.

    I will need your API key as mine is currently bombarded with requests

    If you are actually buying a bot from me I will let you test the full functionality of the bot.

    This bot took me 2 weeks to make and I am still working to improve it.

    Discord Link to test my sample bot:

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    Posted on 20:26:24 - 25/06/19 (2 years ago)
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    nice. it works good
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