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I Vant Your Blood! ( UK only)
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    Thread created on 18:02:12 - 12/09/21 (1 month ago)
    Well, I don't but a friend of mine needs a bone marrow transplant. I've just looked into offering myself up and cannot be ause I'm too old and take a medication that excludes me.

    So I thought I'd spread the word, if you are under 30 or over that but healthy then please consider signing up for this.

    The actual act of giving is either just a blood sample that gets the relevant bits removed then your blood gets pumped back into you.

    Or a general anesthesia and the cells get taken out of your thigh. Bit hurty but you'd get to literally save lives.

    Please give it a thought, the sign up is very easy.


    And fangs!!!


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