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Dentas advice
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    Thread created on 13:39:18 - 28/03/22 (10 months ago)
    Hello everyone if you are looking for help on how to travel with more items and make more while traveling.You can increase your travel cap to +4 with a large suitcase, +10 by renting a private island, +10 if you are in a faction with a max excursion perk, and if you work for a toy shop (+5 plushies), flowershop (+5 flowers), or cruise line (+5 anything), you can increade your travel capacity too.If you want to focus on maximizing your flying income, try to look for a faction that had the +10 excusion perk for +10 extra items. Get yourself a spouse with a Private Island too for another +10 extra items Thank you Denta for all the help 


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