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    Thread created on 05:20:03 - 27/02/19 (5 years ago)
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    Hello guys. Have you ever eaten at Del Taco or heard about this fast food. Have you ever liked eating it if you have eaten there. What Im about to tell you is disturbing and may make you want to never eat at Del Taco again! Also this info is coming from my real life friend that used to work at Del Taco. He said that when you are a newbie at Del Taco, the first thing that they show you is to take worms out of the meat. WORMS! Thats insanse. He also said that the worms are organic warms and farm fed so they arent the type of worms you see on the ground after it rains. Ok this makes me feel a bit better. But worm in MEAT! That means that there is a possiblitiy that you go to a Del Taco restaurant and they serve you a worm by accident. I dont think this will happen though. I also asked other real life friends and they said that maybe the only do this at few Del Taco's.  Would you eat at Del Taco ever again? Will you think twice when you take a bite out of your juicy taco meat? Tell me in the comments below and answer the simple survey question below. Thank you. 
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    Posted on 16:37:51 - 09/04/19 (5 years ago)
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    Worms are organic warms.... 
    Worms who cant generate internal heat must be really good in keeping food warm :)
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