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    Thread created on 11:46:43 - 25/08/21 (1 month ago)
    Hi people, especially those interested in hunting, perhaps even paintball and those involved in electrical maintenance. How do these various different subjects link? Well, I have access to real world Tactical Surveillance Surplus equipment, Night vision (FLIR)cameras and binoculars. With their varied usage, my market research is a simple question of price and familiarity to the availability of the equipment in different markets. Images provided if interested, shedding more light on the available products. 
    Pricing would be around $450 for the monacular device and $750 for the military spec, larger model.
    If interested, feel free to contact me as there certainly will be pre-release discounts on the equipment. These are real world products, not in-game. Shipping worldwide, subject to regional delivery estimates can be included in the price.
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