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The Blood Phoenix
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    Thread created on 02:32:31 - 06/08/22 (1 year ago)
    A poem i wrote for fun, hope you enjoy :)

    In a haunted old woods of twisty black oaks
    Gathered 'round a fire, and laughing at jokes
    Stands a group of muggers, all clothed in dark cloaks
    Their party cuts short though, by what it evokes;

    A flash in the sky! What a sight to behold!
    As wings made of blood and flames then unfold
    A blazing raptor cuts through the dark cold
    Lighting the sky in flames of crimson and gold

    The thieves flee in fear, terror grips their souls
    Now regretting deeply all those riches that they stole
    The fearsome creature dives, and grasps one poor troll
    Who then bursts into flames like a dry paper scroll

    The repugnant smell and sizzle of burning blood mix
    Adding to the chaos of the prey's crazed hysterics
    They draw their weapons, but are futile in their tactics
    For none escape the wrath of the fierce Blood-Phoenix
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