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My Life In Torn!
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    Thread created on 04:07:56 - 08/06/20 (3 years ago)
    My old life was a hell, I will not specify the name because I want to forget that shit hole, I decided to start a new life and I stumbled across the newspaper that there is a city called Torn, many jobs available lots of good opportunities, hell I didn't bother read the whole article I packed my bag spit on the ground of that shit whole place and I took a piss then boarded the closest flight.
    From the plane I saw a lots of smoke coming out from the city didn't know what is it, didn't care to be honest if there is job opportunity I will gladly take it even in hell, the plane landed and I went to the airport, it was big and fancy, lots of people came in and out, I approached to an immigration officer an old lady sitting on a small desk and only stamp beside her, I asked " Excuse me officer...." and someone quickly shoved me and stamped his own passport and entered, I stood amazed by his action.
    To my surprise everyone who were behind me done the same thing as the man who stamped his passport, I looked at the officer she pointed at the stamp and ignored me doing her nails, I stamped my passport and entered, no check ups nothing! I went to the baggage area and there was no bag, I waited for several hours and nothing, I asked the security when the bags are arriving he said " New to Torn huh?", I nodded then he said " Well someone must have took it, if you are not fast enough someone else will snatch it away", "But why? Isn't there a system?!" he laughed and walked away, I had no choice but to leave the airport.
    I stopped a taxi and told him to take me to the nearest hotel, we drove for a while and it didn't look like we were in the city, he stopped the car and took his gun out of his jacked and said " Your money and valuables" I gave him everything I had, " your clothes" he said, I took everything except my underwear, " get out" he shouted, I stepped out of the taxi and he drove away.

    I walked back to the city, ashamed and angry I asked around the nearest police station, I entered the building and approached the secretary, " I would like to report a a crime?" the secretary looked at me and said " New to Torn huh?"
    "yes" I replied
    The secretary continued " Look nudist, this is the life in Torn, you get mugged you either hospitalize them or mug them back or leave them in the streets bleeding their guts out, but don't come crying to the police we got bigger problems to death with"
    " But....."
    "There is no buts or why or God knows what you nudists say, get out!"
    I left with a tears coming from my eyes, I don't know anyone here, I came for work to change my life around, instead I am sinking into deeper shit hole, I sat in the alley crying, a deep voice called out to me " Hey new blood! Newborn, I mean newblood! " I looked up, it was a homeless old man holding a bottle of beer wearing a jacket with a lot of holes in it, he handed me a bottle of beer and said " drink it up, you look like had a shitty day"
    " You could say that yes" I replied while sipping on the beer.
    " My name is George what's your name?"
    " A dead man" I replied
    " Alright dead man, look you look lost and confused I get that, but don't worry old Georgy is going to get you back on your feet"
    " How? You look like a mess yourself, no offense"
    "Hahaha true, true but I choose to be a hobo,no one mugs you and no one cares but you my friend can't handle that life, unfortunately you need to sleep on the street tonight, but don't you worry you can sleep on my spot and tommorow we will fix you up"
    " Why are you helping me?"
    "And why not? I am a friendly guy, like to help out"
    " What do you want in return?"
    " Nothing, well if you can throw a nice meal in the trash can or a bottled beer you are helping this old man it's a win win"
    With little choice I followed this George and slept in his spot for another day in Torn city.

    To be Continued........
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