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Newly Released Fantasy Novel
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    Thread created on 00:47:01 - 01/06/20 (3 years ago)

    An IRL friend of mine has just released their first novel - I read an early draft and it was really good, so recommending it to anyone wwho will listen. The kindle version is out today, and the paperback will follow shortly.

    Echoes of Fendamor by R. Maisey

    Beyond the subtle edge of justice come whispers of unending vengeance...

    Through the remaining eye of Umishi Zaimor, death and injustice bleed from the cruel lips of mages. From their high towers, they flaunt their power, believing themselves beyond the laws of man and nature. Aligning herself with an order that polices such uses of magic, and armed with unyielding conviction, Umishi will see the hubris of these spell-casters brought into check...

    On the island of Domvalkia, over a hundred years of serenity is shattered by the seemingly random and impossible death of a traveling merchant. As fear bears down upon the island, rumours spill from taverns and guardhouses, eventually flowing to the ear of the king. They speak of an act almost expunged from Domvalkia's history. They speak of murder...

    With magic being the assumed cause, Umishi is assigned to root out the evil that festers within the heart of the island she once called home. Yet unbeknownst to her, darkness lurks beneath the mist-filled streets still haunted by the ghostly echoes of her past. Its ravenous cruelty yearns for so much more suffering than a single death could create...
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