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    Thread created on 03:33:11 - 04/09/15 (8 years ago)
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    Does anyone know when these missions will come back... I hope they bring back the old missions they helped everyone out...
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    Posted on 12:34:07 - 04/09/15 (8 years ago)
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    From the previous newsletter,... so to answer your question, no, the system is being fully revamped and will include totally new missions/contracts. 

    Well, this is embarrassing. On the last newsletter we mentioned that the contracts system would be released before this newsletter came out, but alas... Attempting to give even a vague deadline on any project seems to jinx it.

    We are however able to give you an insight into what is about to be released between now and, er, some point in the future.

    Contracts are repeatable mini-missions, given by specific agents, the first one being Duke the loanshark. Duke specializes in attacking-related contracts, so the majority of tasks will involve the attacking system. You are recruited as one of Duke's enforcers, helping to make sure he gets his loans paid back and bothersome people out of his way. Duke's contracts are usually quick and simple requests that, and if you fulfil them in a timely manner, Duke will reward you with cash, agent standing and mission credits.

    By earning agent standing (basically how much the agent likes/trusts you), you will receive more difficult contracts in the future, ones which come with much larger rewards should you succeed at them. The mission credits you receive can be spent on goodies like rare items, special ammunition and weapon attachments (when they're available).

    You will receive up to one contract offer per day from each active agent, and you can have up to three unaccepted contracts at a time per agent. You generally have 72 hours to complete a contract (or to land unconscious in a ditch because you tried to punch above your weight) once you have accepted it.
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