5 Star Furniture Company for sale
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    Thread created on 19:41:51 - 09/08/14 (3 years ago)
    Evening everyone and welcome to the weekend!

    Just to let you all know that I have my wonderful 5 Star Furniture Company for sale.

    It is fully upgraded, and the only reason I am looking to sell it soon, is that I have a new job in the real world. and am struggling to get online as much as I should, in order to be able to treat it with the care it deserves on a daily basis.

    The company when I was logging on daily was ranked in the top 15 most of the time, and more recently (before I took my Real world job), within the Top 10.

    It makes good profit.... currently $500k+ per day, and allows you to get +50 Endurance, +50 Intelligence, and +50 Manual per day, as well as having a secure company bank to keep your money safe.

    There are currently 9 employees in the company (the maximum is 10), and all are long term employees.... ranging from 50+ days service to well in excess of 200 days+.

    I bought this company for $925M several months ago, and upgraded it fully and have made it a much better company.

    I am open to offers, as I can't spend the time currently running it.

    Good specials come with the company, including job and gym gains..... NICE!

    Drop me a mail with an offer if you are interested, but please consider the price I paid before mailing me. This is one of the best Furniture Companies in Torn City if you are able to run it with some commitment.

    With best regards,