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    Thread created on 22:45:20 - 30/11/22 (1 year ago)
    The new Pokémon games are the worst! How is it possible that a company like that isn't capable of hiring competent people to make it's game! Pokémon is now a cash grab, a marketing stunt that makes the true fans spend a butt load of money on their games and delivers shit on a plate with a pinch of salt on top! I have been a big fan of Pokémon, but since Unova it has been downhill. They try to deliver but fail at all levels! The pokemon designs are weirder with the passing of each generation and you can see the lack of imagination in some of them. They are losing the Pokémon sparkle to become a copy of other collecting and battling monsters franchises (TemTem, Digimon...)
    I'm watching the fall of Pokémon, and unless they find a way to go aroud the fact that the teams imagination for creating monsters is starting to disappear we will see a giant become a niche, and lose the mainstream status that it has.

    RIP Pokémon 1996 - 202?

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