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Your favourite gaming moments (potential spoilers)
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    Posted on 18:05:54 - 25/08/21 (1 month ago)
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    Multiplayer Games:

    • TDZK - Successfully defending our planet against the biggest faction in the game.
    • Lensmoor - Winning an epic duel (for me) against one of the better PVP players, thanks to some insane lucky restores.
    • Zealot trivia on AOL - Galactic Event shenanigans and trying to beat the bots.
    • Finally figuring out how to use Nak and Boomer on Gunbound
    • First time having a positive kill/death ratio in a DD in Subspace: TW

    Single-player Games:

    • Final Fantasy X ending. First time I can remember a game having a bittersweet ending.
    • Fallout 4 - taking on Nuka world was a lot of fun and frustration to do it with zero civilian casualties.
    • Finally beating the original Final Fantasy after my little sister wiped my game like 3 times.
    • Romance of the Three Kingdoms XI - winning the game with a crappy custom character that had no business surviving the first year.
    • Resident Evil 2 causing my roommate in college to fall off the top bunk when the birds crashed through the window.
    • Taking out my first troll in Valheim.
    • Accidentally finding the warp whistle in Super Mario 3.
    • Kerrigan turning Zerg, then human, then zerg again in Starcraft
    • Aeris' death in FF7... actually this was bittersweet since she was one of my main party members.
    • Getting past level 57 in Bubble Bobble
    • Surviving the Turbo Tunnels in Battletoads for the first time.






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