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Developer feedback at 250+ likes
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    Thread created on 21:45:19 - 13/12/20 (10 months ago)

    Since 2014 I've been reviewing any suggestions that hit 100 likes. We now have more than double the active daily players, and almost quadruple the activity. While this is of course awesome, it has also resulted in suggestions meeting this requirement every day.

    It's now too hard to differentiate between what the community really wants, and what they don't actually care that much for, because seemingly any suggestion can reach this requirement with little effort and hardly any community discussion. It's no longer a suitable metric for determining whether a suggestion is good or popular.

    This is causing me trouble, as the occasional good suggestions are batched in with the poor suggestions that all met the same requirement, so are all expected to receive the same treatment. I can't differentiate the community's feedback between them, and have to give them the same amount of effort and attention, which has become really quite fatiguing to be honest.

    Any suggestion which receives a positive score of at least 100 will receive feedback from a developer, and may be looked in to / incorporated. This score requirement may increase in the future depending on how many reach this goal.
    Back in 2014, I mentioned the possibility of increasing this requirement. I'm surprised how long it's taken for me to do this, but now I definitely think it's time to take this step.

    I'll be increasing the requirement to 250+ likes. This will of course be far harder to achieve, similar to the original intended difficulty when this review concept was created. This isn't necessarily permanent - it can certainly be increased further or even reduced depending on the circumstances.

    The upside is, with suggestions requiring more people to reach the goal, there should hopefully be much more feedback and discussion before I get to them. I will have a better idea of the actual community consensus, and I can take them more seriously and have more time to assess their potential. However, there is still no guarantee that suggestions reaching 250 likes (less than 1% of active users) will actually be implemented - but at least they can each receive serious consideration.

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