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Halloween events
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    Thread created on 16:58:27 - 31/10/15 (7 years ago)
    I am comparatively new so i don't know about the past but looking at the halloween events it feels that there can be changes
    - current events require players to have skills which are not relevant to torn ( e.g. paint or art skills) or have hardware/software capabilties that can handle the load (e.g. my pc crashed 6 times while accessing hamster irc

    Can we have these events which are more neutral or atleast based on a skill that defines a torn player like the dog tags competition which requires attacking.

    This will help in getting more players interested in the events and make the conpetitions fair.

    The changes can be
    - any player who logs in on haloween is entered in to a lottery for a prize
    - similarly the lottery can be among who - attack on the day, win a defend on the day, complete a trade on the day, travel on the day and so on
    - also special prizes can be given to players who trade the largest value, hospitalise largest number of players, had largest number of bazzar customers on the day etc.
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