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Subtle changes to profiles on Friends/Enemies
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    Thread created on 16:06:07 - 22/03/15 (7 years ago)
    I understand you can check who is online at the time on the bottom left with your friends/enemy list, but think it would be a good addition to have some visual changes to profiles to reflect their relationship to you.

    Some people have noticed sometimes there is an odd blueish hue that appears on profiles.

    They can do no hue for no relation. Use this odd purple for a potential neutral list as suggested by
    Perhaps changed to green for friends and red for enemies. Color customization or color blind friendly options could be inclusive.

    Also perhaps highlight the word "friends" or "enemies" on their profiles if you are one of their friends or enemies. Similarly to have staff have their names color coated

    This is just a quality of life suggestion so you don't need to check your list or to remind you to check your list. Scammers may frequently change their names.
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