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Polydrug use
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    Thread created on 21:05:08 - 15/03/15 (7 years ago)
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    In the real world, you can combine drugs together and certain combinations can be beneficial, neutral, or harmful. I would like to see this with Drugs 2.0.

    Drugs should be separated by type, i.e. stimulants, depressants, hallucinogens, painkillers, etc.

    For example, using opium/ketamine while under the effects of Xanax will increase the chance of hospitalization by overdose. Combining speed and ecstasy will increase the chance of an overdose and will result in the users happy staying at 0 for 24 hours after (just like in real life).


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    Posted on 21:07:39 - 15/03/15 (7 years ago)
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    I honestly have to say I don't agree,

    I think it is quite far that you are only able to use one at a time,

    It is hard to say though cause of the fact we don't know the effects drugs will have in 2.0
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