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Make racing more realistic
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    Thread created on 00:31:28 - 01/12/14 (7 years ago)
    I have a few simple ideas that will make racing more realistic and increase player involvement:

    1) Fuel and oil levels. In real life, cars need fuel to run and oil to keep them lubricated. In Torn, cars seem to have an infinite supply of fuel and no need for lubrication. My idea is simple: require the player to keep an eye on fuel and oil levels and maintain them. When fuel runs out, the car stops dead on the track and the player receives an event saying "your (insert car name here) has ran out of gas on the (insert race track here) race and could not finish." When oil runs out, the car breaks down on the track and the player receives and event saying "your (insert car name here)'s oil ran out and the engine seized up on the (insert race track name here) race and could not finish." When the oil runs out and the engine seizes up, some upgrades will be lost. When cars are being refuelled or are having their oil refilled, they are unusable for an x amount of seconds, time depends on the current level of fuel and class of car. Price of fuel depends on what fuel upgrade the player has installed in their car.

    2) Maintenance. Cars need maintenance and a poorly maintained car will have poor performance. Maintenance will affect the cars efficiency. If the car is at 100% efficiency, the car will perform as per the stats of the car. Cars with lower efficiency levels will be slower, have less handling and braking capabilities, and will be less safe. Cost of maintenance will depend on the cars class and whatever upgrades are installed.

    I will add more later and edit it.


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