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Hunting and crimes in all countries
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    Thread created on 10:33:03 - 09/08/14 (7 years ago)
    Last replied 11:58:16 - 09/08/14 (7 years ago)
    I 'm one of the people trying to find ways to liven up foreign countries, but also being a coder myself I 'm hesitant to suggest complicated ideas.
    Undeniably, we need mini games in each country.
    We already have hunting in one, so why not making it available in all countries? Of course, we should be able to hunt local animals, have appropriate awards in each country and I think there should be different hunting skill in each one as it is a different hunting environment with different targets.
    It's not great, but it s something until others come up with more and better mini games.

    The second idea is one I got while replying to a suggestion by a fellow player titled 'overseas special'.
    Can we have the ability to steal the items the shops sell instead of buying them if we wish so?
    If we get caught we spend time in hospital. There are already hospitals abroad so there will be no extra coding. Stealing the really expensive items should be nearly or actually impossible and if foolish enough to try a loooong hospital time is in order.

    What do you think?
    Thank you


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    Posted on 11:58:16 - 09/08/14 (7 years ago)
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    this will also need to add using medical items in foreign countries...
    so far, if someone for example would hospitalize you abroad, you'd be actually stuck for 3 hours in a foreign country, but if one plans to add a really looooooong time in hospital at a foreign land, rather let the revive or medical items be in use there.
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