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Safe deposit boxes
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    Thread created on 10:16:26 - 09/08/14 (7 years ago)
    This is mainly to deal with all the vault/banking suggestions around.

    True, there are many ways to store and secure money, but companies and factions are not meant to be banks and using them like that only adds extra useless entities to the game.
    The Cayman bank is ok, but the fee is IMHO too high. 1% would be more acceptable. Moreover, it is usefull only for long term storage. It removes financial activity from the game because it takes time to get your money ready for use and that is not a good thing.
    Altering the property vaults causes a series of side-effects and I see no reason to create complexities when trying to solve another matter.

    So, my suggestion is Safe Deposit Boxes in the main Torn City bank.
    It may have been suggested in the past, but what I hope is a genuine twist to it is the capacity and cost of them. Both of them should be unlimited.
    I explain, we have to pay X dollars to buy the same X storage capacity. If we want a box that can hold 100 millions it will cost us 100 millions. If later we want to upgrade it to 200 we must pay the difference, an extra 100 mil.
    That way it is self regulated and self limited.

    I hope this is not a stupid idea and I 'm looking for your support.
    Thank you


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