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25% Strength Gain in 2 months!
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    Thread created on 20:26:03 - 19/10/14 (7 years ago)
    Last replied 08:17:37 - 30/10/14 (7 years ago)
    Whats up! 

    A warning before reading this! this would work more effectively (or at least to my knowledge) to someone who has been going to the gym for at least a year!

    Eccentric Workout:
    So this workout is a LONG workout and i mean it will add at least 20 minutes if you get bored doing big movements slow then this is not for you. So what is an Eccentric Workout? well an Eccentric movement is when your arm is going towards the pull of gravity and Co-Eccentric is against! So what do you benefit from this knowledge? WELL now that you know what Eccentric means you can understand what the workout is!

    This does not require you to change your current workout unless it is something to do with small rests between reps! (you will need more then 30 seconds trust me)

    The reason you call this an Eccentric Workout is because you will work with the pull of gravity! imagen doing curls, and you are going down VERY SLOW! (it should take 7 seconds to go down) you will need someone to help you(but while doing bicep work outs you can help yourself) basically when i say "help" i mean that when you are pulling your arm back up after the 7 second set you do not need to work hard on picking it up, so you will use your other hand to get the weight back up!
    If you were to do this on Chest Press then someone (you trust) will need to lift your weight right after the 7 seconds!

    Now i do a A B schedule workout A is chest day with shoulders and B is back and biceps legs i keep for running in between

    SO! this contains (in every thing you do involving weights) 3 SETS and in every set 8 REPS of 7 seconds going to the pull of gravity! (or from where ever the pull is coming from) and dont forget that after every rep someone or you needs to cheat the weight and get it back up so you can get back to the next rep!

    I did this with a close friend who has been training for many years and never before has he or me been amazed by the results!(in strength). Me and him were benching 25 percent MORE! then we did last! in only 2 months! now we dont know how much that is going to carry on but we intend on perfecting this workout! i say perfect because recently we are trying out something new to make this workout better but it has not been 2 months yet so i cant say for sure if what im doing now is better!

    I wish you best of luck and hope your results are as good OR BETTER then mine! let me know if this has interested you :)
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    Posted on 18:10:30 - 24/10/14 (7 years ago)
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    Studies have shown that "slower" workouts are more effective than "fast" but I would be concerned that too slow will overwork the muscle and you will simply be sore from lactic acid for days. My guess would be that this work out works so well because you actually use full range of motion, which is definitely the most effective way to train. 

    I'm not sure I would agree that the slow movements are beneficial, in fact I would be concerned by the lactic acid build up and overworking of the muscle, but the range of motion aspect definitely sounds smart! And I would also expect that such a workout would increase your mindfulness and attention to the muscle which I find many neglect.

    How often do you train in this manner? Every workout or just two a week like this and other workouts normal or 2 a week and lots of rest?

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    Posted on 08:17:37 - 30/10/14 (7 years ago)
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    For such strength gain I would personally prefer Compound training. I am doing Hypertrophy right now since I changed my goals.

    Also studies do not say only slow workouts work better, it depends. But for stronger muscle strings and tendon structure (which is very important not to have injuries, inflammation, etc.) concentric movement is the best. So if you are doing explosive trainings you should add movement that are concentric every two weeks or so. In short you should know what is slow and what is fast.

    Other than the velocity you should be able combine right workouts after each other since combinations can also injure you in long term.

    But most importantly your body positioning, stealing routine (stealing is mostly for very high weights, when you are trying to beat your best). Most of the people in the gyms are having rouble with this. Lol, also because of skipping core and leg exercises.

    I give classes on fitness and strong man trainings. My priority is always positioning after that comes workout routine planning movement details.
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