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What's Your Workout Routine?
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    Posted on 21:45:40 - 24/10/15 (6 years ago)
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    I've been avoiding this as My routine is quite varied and would probably take a heck of a long time to document.

    However, i'm going to give you the bare bones of what I do:

    I train at least 6 days a week. I specifically train one body area per day, but take precautions not to train similar muscle groups day after day: (for example, if you train Arms, Biceps and Triceps, You don't really want to train chest the following day, as it uses a lot of Tricep strength too)

    But.... Saying that, I try not to train the same areas on the same days week after week. Otherwise the body will become used to it and you won't get the same kind of gains.

    on an average week, i will probably have a schedule a bit like this:

    Monday : Shoulders.
    Tuesday : Legs
    Wednesday: Chest
    Thursday : Core
    Friday : Arms
    Saturday : Strength and conditioning
    Sunday : Rest Day.

    Saturdays Strength day is normally when I try to break PB's and increase my 1RM on one of four disciplines, (Flat Bench, Military Press, Squats or Deadlifts)

    And I always rest on Sundays, unless circumstances have made me miss a day during the week.

    Currently, I'm doing a lot of 5x5 training to gain strength and mass, and i like to mix in one day per week of "shock" training, either with drop sets, pyramid sets or high volume training To keep my body confused.

    I've read so much from different sources over the last couple of years that I think it's important to find your own way of training and do what feels best for you.

    Most Importantly, Bodybuilding takes time. There's no easy way to get the right shape, even with PED's you still have to put the hard work in.

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    Posted on 01:22:56 - 11/09/17 (4 years ago)
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    I'm following ballet beautiful workout every day. My favorite parts of this DVD are swan arms and butt part 1. And the part 2 of butt workout looks really great, but it's a bit more difficult than part 1 (not a bad thing) for me. I have recommended it to my friends and have bought it for my mom, too. Recently I found a way to convert the workout to my TV: http://www.videoconverterfactory.com/tips/ballet-workout-dvd.html With a big screen, more convenient for me (I need to wear glasses when watching a small screen).
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