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    Thread created on 14:16:28 - 05/04/21 (6 months ago)
    Ignore it if you don't have brightness slider problem in windows 10.

    I was having problem with latest Win 10 with brightness slider.

    There was no brightness slider. I had to increase or decrease brightness from monitor button. It was annoying af. Nvidia control panel does have a brightness slider but only controls whiteness.

    nvm I tried all them tricks. updated driver of both gpu and monitor, disabled driver and then installed generic pnp... none worked

    If you are also facing same issue, I found a nice workaround. It works fine.
    Now I have brightness slider right at my taskbar. Its a 356 kB application. It runs on startup so you don't have to manually start it everytime.

    GitHub - blackholeearth/Win10_BrightnessSlider: this app puts a Monitor Brightness icon on Taskbar Tray. for win 7, 8, 10

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