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Alternative Sugar Rush (Isakai Fantasy)
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    Thread created on 15:15:12 - 23/05/22 (2 months ago)
    Fade in

    Narrator : ( on a typical Sunday afternoon a one-eyed joe was looking for ice cream in the busy square of New York City)

    Joe: Damn bullocks I'm not getting that famous thunder berry flavor at this pace

    Cut to

    an icecream van is about to leave after their average waiting time

    Back in

    Joe: Ohh will I reach in time if I rush through the midway of traffic

    Cut to

    a heavy (truck-Kun) is about to head on the exact same turn the joe is eventually getting, and the driver is listening to the song (never gonna give you up, Never gonna let you down)

    Back in

    the average Joe unknowingly came in the way of fast pace truck with a high-on cringe driver and with the sound heavy thud emerging on the contact of these both of these cosmic beings the truck-Kun bested the Joe in a very gruesome way. The Joe's remains were absolute flat on the road dragged by the truck's tire trails.

    Fade out

    End of scene


    Fade in

    Narrator: ( even though our one-eyed Joe lost his life his eyes are getting opened slowly and he eventually found the people around him in some kind of health worker like uniforms and he started to regain consciousness with blurry vision slowly getting clear)

    Cut to

    Health worker one: Yo my man are you fine, we have thought you died & what the f**k was the deal with you passing out in the middle of the road while eating an ice cream cone man get a hold of yourself

    Back in

    Joe ( to himself in his mind): what the f**k just happened, and I never ate the ice cream what is he talking about, "wait, hold on a sec bro" 'Joe said to the health worker one'.

    Joe ( to health worker): You tell me what the hell is wrong with you is this a fancy dress day today at the work, Who the f**k shows up in the public service work with the dark elves' makeup and costume.

    Cut to

    Health worker one: God damn man aren't you something to deal with, is that how your mother thought you to speak like this while all those homies been into your house or wait you must be still having a serious case of that childhood trauma being racists just a movement after looking at an honest black person earning his daily bread doing honest work. I will sue your ass for speaking to me like that.

    Joe: Yo man calms down and speaking about those costumes is no racist act I know my rights as per the firsts amendment.

    Health worker one : (Signaling the officer of the color nearby) Man this man is disrespectfully getting super racists, I think he needs some special treatment that only men in blue can give.

    Officer : (to joe) Sir do you have anything to say in your defense or apologies maybe

    Joe: Damn bullocks you guys must be kidding with me right now, Officer Daren Elvis, who are apparently in the making of the dark elve wearing a police uniform. Get outta here I don't have the time for wee games with you fellas.

    Officer Darren Elvis: Sir you are under arrest for the discrimination in public and you have the right to remain silent anything you speak will be used against you in the court. (Officer pushed Joe and started to bind his hands with metal handcuffs which started to glow after getting locked in his hands )

    Joe: Ohh bloody get off of me I will sue you guys for making false charges on respectfully citizen and taxpayer. (Joe then felt a sudden burst of shock on his neck and passed out)

    Fade out

    End of Scene

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