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Funimation acquires Crunchyroll
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    Thread created on 17:43:19 - 10/08/21 (2 years ago)
    Announcement on Crunchyroll

    So, anybody have any feelings (strong or otherwise) on Sony buying Crunchyroll to add to the Funimation Group? I've had both for a while, and while both have decent selections, and only having one would at least ensure I'm only paying one subscription, I must admit I'm concerned about it a little

    While the crunchyroll app for xbox(where I mainly watch it) does have some issues, and the lack of smart tv app for it does limit the viewing options a bit, in general I've found their website significantly more user-friendly than the funimation one. I once had a payment bounce on my Funimation account and it took 6 weeks to resolve because their payments page is basically non-functional for an Irish debit card it seems, to the point that to this day I still have to pay for it through revolut, whereas Crunchyroll at least takes my damn money

    If they incorporate the best of both sites it could be a great deal, but it'll be a bit crap if they simply use it as an opportunity to acquire crunchyroll properties and kill the site so people have to use an un-updated Funimation one
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