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On Romance and My Love for Foreign Movies.
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    Thread created on 18:08:21 - 30/04/20 (2 years ago)
    Last replied 06:23:54 - 02/05/20 (2 years ago)
    Hi! I am by no means a cinephile or a verified movie critics. 
    My first run in with romance films was, well, chick flicks. Happy endings, the girl gets the guy and the guy gets the girl or the guy gets the guy and the girl gets the girl and so on. Its fun to watch such films. They are easy and generally enjoyable.

    But for me, I enjoy movie that leaves you hanging, that makes you think what it is all about? That makes you question the characters.

    Recently, I have been watching Wong Kar Wai films, namely, Fallen Angel and Chungking Express. Both stars the devilishly cute Takeshi Kaneshiro and as well as a diverse cast of really really wonderful actors. If you have the time, do check the films out.

    What I like about the films is that, they both deal with the questions of unrequited love, things that are complicated, things that makes us complicated, the subject of understanding a human being without hurting yourself. It deals with topics such as heartbreaks, depression, thirst for love and lust, and how we human, in essence crave and need human interaction.

    We as human being are flawed in EVERY general direction possible. These two movie made me saw that. We are SO flawed, we have so much issues in ourselves it is hard to avoid each and every one of them. We will always be alone, we will always suffer, but there is always that light in the end of the tunnel, that we can hope to reach before we die, or die reaching it.

    In Fallen Angel, a partner to a hitman is undeniably in love with him, hopelessly even, where does the line between professionalism and romanticism ends? In Chungking Express, is it worth it to wait for someone that obviously has lost interest in you and try for someone new, or be loyal until the bitter truth hits you? These are just the simple overview on what I can give about each films.

    Both are undeniably romance films, but it was done so in a more serious and existential manner that it is a work of art.

    What are your thoughts? I'd love to know your experience as well and maybe watch your suggestions as well!

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    Posted on 06:23:54 - 02/05/20 (2 years ago)
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    There are a few love stories that are foriegn that I have seen and like though I can only think of two at the moment. NOw I forgot the first one I was thinking of. Oh now I remember.  NOw I am thinking of 1 or two others but I can not remember I think it is two and both have the same actor and he was in some other move that I can not remember the name of. Oh wait I know now. Hold on.NO it was only one movie with the guy I was  thinking of. I saw him in something else but only watched the movie once and can not remember it.  

    Back a long time ago HBO would have foreign movies on like at 3 or 4 in the morning. I saw a lot of interesting stuff.

    Okay now onto the movies.

    Lovers of the Artic Circle
    It is a Spanish film. It shows these two at different stages of their life, where what I really like about it is that they show the perspectives of the two main characters.

    The Girl on the Bridge
    .a french film it stars Daniel Auteuil in it there is a lot of interesting things he has been in. I want to see the movie where he is Napoleon.

    The guy is a knifethrower and it has to do with the connection with him and his assistant he throws knives at.

    The Science of Sleep
    This guy moves into an apartment and then he deals with his life through his dreams.

    Gah there was one more, what was it? I got distracted.

    Those are teh ones I liked but I do njot want to give too much away of the plots.

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