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Who is your fav Rocky boxer?
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    Thread created on 07:49:17 - 07/01/20 (4 years ago)
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    Any boxing film fans here? Who is your fav boxer or boxers in the films Rocky 1 to the latest film released in 2018?

    You can post why you voted for a boxer and anything else you want to say.

    Edit: I voted Rocky, Lang and Gunn. I don't know some of the newer guys and minor characters.

    I voted Rocky because he was a fantastic boxer in the ring. He had shit for brains and made up for the deficit with extremely high endurance and a rock hard punch.

    Clubber Lang was a total freak who came across as a bit of a rapist and disrespected excellent boxers. He is a perfect villain. I enjoyed his aggression and sadism.

    Tommy Gunn was a selfish monster who only ever cared about rising to the very top at any expense. It was great to see him disregard the friendship and teachings of Balboa. Who listens to Rocky's advice anyway? Rocky would've made him take baby steps to the world heavyweight championship title and money can buy you good pussy, not surprised he doesn't care that the red haired was a gold digging prostitute. Besides, she is the type of woman a boxer needs.
    • Who is your fav Rocky boxer?
    • Rocky Balboa
    • Spider Rico
    • Apollo Creed
    • Mac Lee Green
    • James "Clubber" Lang
    • Ivan Drago
    • Tommy Gunn
    • Mason "The Line" Dixon
    • Adonis "Donnie" Johnson Creed
    Total number of votes: 10
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    Posted on 00:23:45 - 08/01/20 (4 years ago)
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    Who is your favourite boxer in the Rocky films?

    Is your next thread "Who was the best ex US soldier in the Rambo films?"

    If so, again, I think I can guess the answer...

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