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Thoughts on Crazy Rich Asians?
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    Thread created on 04:24:39 - 30/08/18 (5 years ago)
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    One can not deny the significance and impact that such a film has on popular culture and the Hollywood scene in general. The first film in nearly 25 years to feature a predominantly Asian cast, Crazy Rich Asians historic success at the box office demonstrates, at least, the American audience's desire for more films featuring an Asian perspective on genres such as romantic comedies. Overall, I thought the movie was okay and that Awkwafina walked a fine line between stealing the show and overdoing it. However, I'm interested in how others felt about the movie in general!
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    Posted on 15:22:06 - 31/08/18 (5 years ago)
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    I got 3 scenes that I liked about this movie ( dont worry I won't spoil anything ^.^ )

    1) Bok bok bitch

    2) "It's not my job to make you feel like a man. I can't make you something you're not." 

    3) Wedding scene made me cry :(


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